Wedding Catering With a Limited Budget

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Wedding catering is of utmost significance to many couples who ordinarily desire to have a glamorous reception on their D-day. It is an event that most people hold in very high regard but are often oblivious of the fact that it is an expensive affair. Therefore, upon coming to this realization, settling for a wedding … Read more

Is DIY Wedding Catering a Good Idea?

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A self-catered wedding or a DIY wedding means that you will not need the help of professionals to pull off your day. In simple terms, your family members and friends will be taking on the tasks of a catering service which include; planning the menu, purchasing ingredients, preparing the dishes, transportation and set up, serving … Read more

Wedding Catering Problems and How to Solve Them

Planning a wedding on your own can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to the catering side of things. You need to ensure that food and drinks are in plenty, as this are key factors that can make or break your wedding celebration. The situation is even worse if you have invited many people … Read more