How Should I Prepare For My Wedding Catering Tasting?

The wedding tasting is one of the most fun and memorable parts of planning your wedding. It allows you to taste the proposed menu items with the caterer who will be handling your reception. A wedding tasting takes place weeks or months before your big day. This ensures that there is enough time to make adjustments or final changes to your wedding menu.

It might help you make your decision if you have not selected your caterer yet. However, if you have already signed a contract with a particular caterer, you get to learn about their presentation style and taste their food. This article gives tips on how to prepare for your wedding catering tasting and what to expect from your caterer.

  • Have a Budget in Mind
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Before you go in for the tasting, you need to have a budget in mind and know how flexible it is. Since you will be tasting a ton of great food, you may be stuck with that feeling of wanting to serve it all. Regardless of the number of choices you are presented with, you need to remind yourself about your budget to avoid running out of funds.

  • Keep the Group Small

A wedding tasting is not a big celebration for your friends and family members. Limit the number of attendees so that you only have the couples, the wedding planner, and the person financing the affair. Since food preferences and flavor are personal things, you would not want to overwhelm the process with too many people giving different opinions.

  • Come Prepared For the Tasting

Besides taking notes and pictures, you need to be actively involved in the tasting. Plan the wedding catering tasting on a day when you do not have other pressing matters. Avoid taking a heavy meal before the session and if possible, go in hungry so that you do not lose your appetite for the tasting occasion.

  • Try Not to Lose Focus

A caterer would like you to focus on tasting the variety of dishes prepared for you. It is not the right time for friendly feuds and family discussions so pay attention to what is provided and keep the chattering to a minimum. Unless you want to sound rude, save your serious discussions for later, and limit your conversations to the food that will be served at your wedding.

  • Know a Few Telltale Signs

It is important to have an idea of what to look for when you are at a wedding catering tasting. The same way you would complement food at your favorite restaurant, try to examine how well the food is cooked or presented on the table. Examine the food freshness and other small details such as discoloration on the edges of hard cheeses or salads that go soggy.

  • Do Not be Afraid to Ask for Changes

One of the biggest mistakes couples make on wedding tastings is not asking for changes. Perhaps you love spicy foods and you are wondering if the chef could improve slightly on the spice-factor for the tacos. Maybe the salmon tasted better but you were not so intrigued with the sauce. As long as you are polite and kind about your questions, do not be afraid to ask for changes since caterers like finding ways to get more creative.

  • Be Honest with Your Feedback

It is important to provide honest feedback about your experience with the tasting. If you did not like the food but your partner seems okay with it or is not sure as well, it is important to speak out. If there is anything you liked to be different, ensure your chef or caterer is aware of it. Telling the vendor about your opinion on food, presentation, or service can help them make adjustments that meet your expectations.

  • Food Allergies and Diet Restrictions

Although the couples may love the filet mignon, it is important to take into account what your vegan guests will eat. Having an idea of your dietary limitations can help you come up with a menu that works great for everyone. You do not want some of your guests going home hungry just because they never found something to eat.

Some of the things to watch out for on a wedding catering tasting include presentation, food freshness, table setting, and serving style. Feel free to ask questions and take notes as it helps you remember every detail about your wedding menu. Although you want your wedding food to taste better, it is also important to work with a caterer who is reliable, consistent, and accommodating to help you make your big day a success.