What does a wedding caterer provide?

Wedding caterers play a vital role in creating the ideal culinary experience for a wedding event. They offer a wide array of food and beverage services from elegantly plated multi-course meals to creatively themed food stations that add a touch of flair. Their offerings are tailored to meet the unique preferences and vision of the wedding couple. If you have never hired a wedding caterer before, you may be curious to know what else they offer alongside food preparation and service. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about what a wedding caterer provides to ensure your big day runs smoothly and efficiently.

Expert advice during planning

Caterers with years of experience in wedding events will have great advice, ideas, and reliable contacts that make everything easier. You should be able to rely on them heavily when it comes to all areas of your wedding reception. Professional wedding caterers will give you a shortcut to the best suppliers and can help maximize your budget in areas that mean the most to you. An experienced caterer listens to what you want and understands what you need. They can tackle all the hiccups and potential issues before and on the day of the wedding without bothering you.

outside wedding catered

Choose the right wedding caterer for your wedding!

  1. Adequate number of staff

A wedding catering service will provide adequate staff as part of your wedding package. The number of staff that will be sent to the venue should be enough to manage the number of guests who will show up at the wedding event. They will perform all the relevant duties required of them, from setting up the tables, serving, clearing tables, tending bar, refilling, and cleaning up. The staff needs to be uniform and portray a professional appearance and demeanor.

  1. Food

Food is considered the primary ingredient in a wedding catering package. The budget set aside for food will include all types of meals served by your caterer such as pre-wedding brunch, reception appetizers, and dinner. You may opt for the food to be served buffet-style or tableside depending on the caterer or as per the preferences and what works best for the couple. It is essential to discuss the serving style ahead of time with your caterer to ensure everything plays out perfectly during the event. You need to work with the caterer to come up with a food menu that is accommodative, especially for guests with dietary needs.

  1. Beverages

The wedding package you choose may include both soft and hard beverages based on your preferences. The caterer may either provide the services directly or subcontract out a bartender to serve your guests’ hard beverages. The soft beverages should be available on a separate buffet table, at a bar, or served to your guests at the table. Keep in mind that professional wedding caterers have access to reputable suppliers who can also supply both the soft and hard beverages you want for your wedding.

  1. Furnishings

A comprehensive wedding catering package includes furnishings which include things like decorative chairs, tables, serve ware, plates, glasses, and utensils. Based on the wedding caterer you choose; other parts of the furnishing may include decorative décor such as table lighting i.e., candles or luminaries and other centerpieces. The type of furniture and other furnishings offered by a wedding caterer should set the tone and reflect the needs of your event. Besides providing comfort and convenience for guests, the decorations should add visual interest by creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Ancillary services

Part of the wedding catering package should include ancillary services such as champagne fountain assistance, cake-cutting assistance, corkage fees, and more. While it may seem like a light task, it is worth it to find a wedding caterer that includes these extra services in their wedding catering package. Once the wedding event comes to an end, a good wedding caterer should take care of all the cleanup to ensure the venue is left as clean as it was before. This is essential, especially for wedding receptions that took place outdoors. You need to have peace of mind that your catering service will handle everything they included in their wedding package.

Most wedding caterers provide a variety of packages to ensure your big day is unique and memorable from other events they have catered before. Wedding caterers can add or remove certain items in their wedding catering packages by recognizing the need for customization and offering a personalized experience. The final quote should only include the services you choose so you don’t pay for packages you don’t need.