Questions to Ask Your Caterer When Planning a Wedding

Planning for an event like a wedding is not an easy task. This is because it involves not just planning for the menu; it also entails coordinating the catering. A wedding caterer will not just supply food to your guests, they may also be responsible for the silverware, tables, linens, decorations, and baking your wedding cake. With this in mind, you must choose only the best caterer in town. You do not want someone disappointing you on most probably the biggest day of your life. Since landing a great caterer is also never easy, we have compiled some questions you can ask your caterer to help plan for your wedding effectively and timely.

Will You be Working on Other Events on the Same Weekend or Day?

catering services background with snacks on guests table in restaurant at event party

Although it does not always have to be a deal-breaker, it is important to ascertain if the caterer will be working on other events on the same day or weekend. This question is meant to bring the caterer on the same page that even if they will be working on other events on the same day, you need their utmost attention and dedication on your big day.

Can You Prepare Special Dietary Meals? 

Chances are that your guests will include people from all walks of life, ranging from Muslims, Jews to people with health conditions such as diabetes, and high blood pressure. Such people will have to be considered and this is why this question matters. You want a caterer who can prepare Kosher, Halal, gluten-free, and vegan diets to cater for the demands of all your guests.

Will You Provide the Wedding Cake?

Very often, a caterer will not only prepare great food on your big day, they will also provide you with wedding cakes. Since some caterers do not include this in the agreeable contract charge, it is always important to ensure that you are reading from the same page. Ensure you enquire if they will provide the cake and if it will come as an extra charge or not. Missing the wedding cake would surmount to the biggest disappointment of your life.

What is Your Price Range? 

Knowing a caterer’s price range helps you compare theirs with the market prices. This will in the long run help you determine if you are within the budget or not. Spending too much on catering may exhaust your budget even before you bring in the rest of the wedding aspects like entertainment.

Will You Provide Silverware, Tables, Chairs, Linens, or Are They Extra? 

Although most caterers will provide you with these items, it is always wise to confirm that your caterer will do because it is not always a guarantee. If they do, ask if this comes at an extra cost or it is part of the catering contract. If they do not, then you can start preparing on where to source them.

What Will Your Staff Wear? 

Knowing what the waiting staff will wear on your big day helps determine if the outfit will rhyme with your style or not. For example, if you are planning to go with black and white, you may request the caterer to have their staff wear the same outfit and do away with the polo shirts. Again, the waiting staff should wear a little different from the guests so that they can easily be identified when making some demands.

Are There Any Extra Charges?

You should ask the caterer if there are hidden charges such as caution fee, sales tax, service fees, and security deposit. This is meant to give you the peace of mind and assurance that whatever is included in the catering contract is what you will be expected to pay. You do not want any surprises on your wedding day.

Do You Have a Liquor Liability License?

The aim of asking this question is to ascertain if the caterer is licensed for catering services or not. Dealing with food meant for human consumption is critical to the health of the public and thus, the handler should be verified and licensed to do so. At the same time, you should also confirm if they have a liquor liability license if you are planning to provide your guests with some.

The above questions are aimed at making sure you and your caterer are reading from the same script so that you are not hit with surprises on the big day. They will also help you pick the best caterer in town, as a good caterer should have responses to such questions.