5 Unique Catering Ideas For Your Wedding In The Fall

A fall wedding is made up of cozy vibes, rich flavors, and warm color palettes that embrace the season. The food options are endless as long as you have a great idea of what your guests will like. Since this will be a great day for the newlyweds, every aspect of the event needs to run smoothly from start to finish. You will get lots of advice from family and friends on how to set up your ceremony. As romantic as it may seem to indulge in traditions, it is not always a requirement for you to follow the status quo especially if you are looking for a unique experience.

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding reception fun and unconventional. This article discusses five unique catering ideas for your wedding that will provide a memorable experience to your guests in the fall.

  • Getting Creative With Your Wedding Venue
wedding catered in the fall

Nothing is more intriguing than a great venue where you can comfortably host your wedding reception both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of your hard-thought choices, there are many fun design options inspired by the fall season. The best way to bring out the rich fall colors is to decorate your venue with jewel tones such as rose, gold, silver, and floral. Make sure to have cozy seating options such as chairs and couches with throws and pillows that highlight a mix of cool autumn tones. Creating an ideal ambiance for your venue is the key to making your event fun and lively.

  • Have an Interactive Food Station

An interactive display or demo table is one of the creative ways to make your guests get out of their cozy seats and start mingling. Farm-to-table food is one of the hottest upcoming trends for fall events that can enliven your wedding party. Unlike the buffet tables, food stations are a fun and chicer alternative that could feature different unique presentations. Depending on your budget, you can choose to have these stations chef-attended or free-for-all, each featuring a different cuisine. It is a great way to encourage your guests to move around, so make sure there is enough space around each station for several people to roam about.

  • Cozy Starters and Appetizers

You can do away with the light summer salad since the weather is becoming cooler and opt for warm and heartier appetizers. Some of the best starters to warm up your guests in the fall is to serve them with crab bisque and roasted corn. Do not forget to add seasonal ingredients to your appetizers such as figs, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and squash. Some of the best picks include bacon-wrapped dates, butternut squash apple bruschetta, cranberry chicken salad on apple slices, and grilled sandwiches with tomato soup. Whatever recipe you choose for your appetizers, make sure they are perfectly prepared to give your guests a memorable experience.

  • Food and Wine Pairings

A wedding party can never be complete without great food and wine pairings. It is one of the best ways to entertain and impress your guests since the autumn season brings with it a variety of new flavors. Some of the favorite flavor combinations you can choose for your fall wedding include Brussels sprouts and Sauvignon Blanc, butternut squash and Prosecco or Dolcetto, wild game, and Barolo or Red Bordeaux, figs with Tawny Porto, and Pears with Sauternes. Also, incorporate cozy classic entrees such as rack of lamb, filet, roasted chicken, shepherd’s pie. Some of the seasonal vegetables that can be used as sides and garnishes include carrots, gourds, and mushrooms.

  • Delectable Desserts

Display the sweet flavors of fall by incorporating delectable desserts into your food menu. You can give your wedding guests a variety of options by considering a dessert trio. Other examples of delicious desserts in the fall season include caramel apples, coffee cake, ginger spice cookies, and apple pie. A bonus from professional chefs is to warm up guests with apple cider and hot coffee if the evening is expected to be chilly. The hearty meals should be served in smaller portions to allow your guests to enjoy their wine pairings and be comfortable for dessert.

The fall season is a great time to celebrate your wedding ceremony with family and friends. Early preparations and thoughtful considerations can provide your guest with beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Since it will be a busy day for everyone, it is important to coordinate with your chief caterer to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly throughout the day.