What is the Advantage of Corporate Catering?

Business or official gatherings such as end of year parties, seminars and activation events work by bringing like-minded people together. It is during these gatherings that directors, sales representatives and company executives sell their ideas, services and products to prospecting clients and customers. At the center of any gathering, let alone a business meeting, is food. With mouthwatering meals and drinks, people are able to interact better and concentrate on the agenda that brought them together.

This is where a business food service provider comes in, to source ingredients, hire equipment, plan and prepare great meals so that you and your colleagues can focus on career building. Great meals are not the only benefit that accrues from hiring professional food service. You also get to save time, and money, enjoy convenience and introduce an official image amongst your counterparts. This article talks about these benefits in detail.

Are you looking to hire a catering company for a corporate event?

Maintaining Official Image

Professional food service companies usually have chefs and servers neatly dressed in uniforms. The staff is intensively vetted and trained. This enables them to employ professionalism and etiquette in their mandate. In an event like a business gathering, etiquette towards guests and clients is critical to how they will perceive your organization, going forward. With professional food services, you do not have to worry about that. The organization, quality meals, good etiquette and effective communication skills all help in bolstering the official image that go a long way in maintaining your reputation. This is because they appreciate the effort you have put into having them well-fed and served.


One of the many benefits of hiring business food service is the convenience that comes with it. If you were to prepare the meals yourself, you would be involved with sourcing ingredients, planning menus, including special diets, and preparing the meals. This is a lot of headaches to handle, bearing in mind that you also need to attend to other business matters of the day. Official food service offloads this burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on the business agenda. It also saves guests and clients the need to go to local restaurants for meals. This would cause disruptions and chances are high that you may never achieve the objective of the meeting.

Delicious Quality Meals

One thing that people look out for in gatherings is great food. It not only satisfies people’s taste glands; but it also helps create more interactions, which in turn add value to your organization. Professional food providers have the skills and experience to prepare meals from different cuisines. They are also skilled enough to handle special diets based on different preferences.

Cost Consciousness

Professional food providers have extensive connections with local suppliers. Buying ingredients from local trusted suppliers comes at discounted prices. Local purchases also eliminate shipping costs, all of which translate to reduced market prices for you. This is something that you would never achieve if you were to prepare the meals yourself. You would incur high market prices on ingredients, due to lack of discounts. Due to a lack of knowledge of the local market, you would spend so much in transporting ingredients and cooking equipment.

Time Consciousness

By working with a business food provider for your organization’s event, you get to save a lot of time. You would have spent this time in ingredient sourcing, equipment hiring, planning and preparing food. Professional providers are highly qualified and experienced to prepare delicious and quality meals in the shortest time possible. This is so because they know exactly where to buy ingredients and hire cooking equipment. This way, you get to save a lot of time and focus on taking your organization to higher heights on the business ladder.

Bespoke Service

Another good thing about hiring business food services is the bespoke menus. These professionals are trained and experienced. They are therefore able to handle adjustments in menus. In case of special preferences and changes of the menu, they are always ready to accommodate them. Even so, you must also communicate on time to have your special tastes and preferences incorporated.

To enjoy these and make your event fruitful and memorable, hiring a provider is not enough. You have to do your due diligence when vetting a provider. This is because not all food service companies can deliver all these advantages in one package. You have to verify your portfolio, customer reviews and ratings and local reputation to ensure you are working with a pro in the game. You do not want someone experimenting with a sensitive event such as a business party. Most importantly, shop around and compare prices to enjoy reduced market prices.