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happy friends having dinner at summer garden party

Summer Party Dishes

After using your crockpot to prepare a large amount of meat, the guests can then serve themselves buffet-style using a systematic line. Pulled pork will never go wrong on your menu and is suitable for your large number of guests. An alternative option is the slow cooker barbecue ribs. Hamburgers How popular are hamburgers to…

Party table with food and plate.

Memorial Day Catering Ideas

The menu of a picnic day may include two-ingredient sandwiches for example ham and egg sandwiches, marinated sides, for example, German potato salad, and a homemade French onion dip. There can also be cookies and most importantly cocktails, for example, the French Monaco Cocktail, an ideal fruity beer-based drink for outdoors. Grilled Dishes A perfect…

Picnic on the beach at sunset in the style of boho

Picnic Ideas During Covid

Before Covid-19, on a picnic, you would have a group of people seating on one blanket, and sharing everything. People would gather together, laugh, and drink without any distancing. However, since times have changed, you will have to do away with that and incorporate distancing. You need adequate space that will fit everyone and no…

Breakfast served with muffins, juice, fresh bread and parfait

Corporate Catering Dishes

Apart from that, you may also consider an all-American buffet, which contains breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, breakfast meats, and bagels. Lunch Ideas Box lunches are quite common in corporate events because they are simple to use and serve, making them appropriate for busy events. Box lunches can contain different foods like sandwiches, chips,…