Halloween Catering

Halloween party burger in shape of scary pumpkin

Halloween is very important and many people wait for it with bated breath. It has been well incorporated into the culture and has become embedded into the tradition as one of the most awaited days in the calendar as it gives people the chance to bond, enjoy and strengthen relationships by encouraging fun and cohesion. … Read more

Fall Festival Dish Ideas

fall festival cake to try

There are several themes and engaging activities that everyone can enjoy during the fall festival. If you live in an area where leaves change colors, you have a great scenic opportunity to come together and enjoy nature’s beauty as family and friends. One of the most essential features most people look forward to during the … Read more

Back To School Party Catering

Bright colorful Back to School theme cupcakes

A back-to-school party can help turn around the fear and anxiety that comes with changing environment, making the unknown fun. A back-to-school party can set a great tone for the new year to come, whether you are throwing a get-together for your kid’s classmates or celebrating the last days of summer vacation. A casual backyard … Read more

Labor Day Party Catering

Chef grilling meat during cookout picnic

Labor Day party is dedicated to the economic and social achievements of native workers and labor movements. This event offers a great experience for backyard cookouts and neighborhood pool parties. Many people celebrate this day with fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, and other social gatherings. It is wise to make early preparations and book the best … Read more

Wedding Catering With a Limited Budget

catering food

Wedding catering is of utmost significance to many couples who ordinarily desire to have a glamorous reception on their D-day. It is an event that most people hold in very high regard but are often oblivious of the fact that it is an expensive affair. Therefore, upon coming to this realization, settling for a wedding … Read more

Mother’s Day Picnic Ideas

Mother and little son on an outdoor picnic in a spring blooming or summer Park.

Getting pimento cheese can help you make lettuce, tomato, or pimento sandwiches or wraps so easy. In addition to this, adding some fruits with pita crackers gives little tummies a great meal to enjoy. Apart from sandwiches, salads also go quite well with picnics. Three-bean salad is one example you need to consider. It is … Read more

Picnic Ideas During Covid

Picnic on the beach at sunset in the style of boho

Before Covid-19, on a picnic, you would have a group of people seating on one blanket, and sharing everything. People would gather together, laugh, and drink without any distancing. However, since times have changed, you will have to do away with that and incorporate distancing. You need adequate space that will fit everyone and no … Read more

Corporate Catering Dishes

Breakfast served with muffins, juice, fresh bread and parfait

Apart from that, you may also consider an all-American buffet, which contains breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, breakfast meats, and bagels. Lunch Ideas Box lunches are quite common in corporate events because they are simple to use and serve, making them appropriate for busy events. Box lunches can contain different foods like sandwiches, chips, … Read more