Is DIY Wedding Catering a Good Idea?

The overall budget of a catered wedding can be astronomical given the pricy venues, expensive wedding receptions and cost of food for a large group. Some people consider DIY wedding catering, as it can help them save money while making their event a memorable one. Although this can be achieved through proper planning, organization, and a group of family members or friends to help, it is important to consider all factors that may be involved in this endeavor before making your final decision. This article discusses everything you need to know about DIY wedding catering while looking at its benefits and downsides to help you decide whether it is the best choice for your wedding.

What is DIY Wedding Catering?

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A self-catered wedding or a DIY wedding means that you will not need the help of professionals to pull off your day. In simple terms, your family members and friends will be taking on the tasks of a catering service which include; planning the menu, purchasing ingredients, preparing the dishes, transportation and set up, serving guests, tearing down, and finally cleaning up after the event.

Can I Cater My Own Wedding?

It is possible to cater for your own wedding if you are dealing with a small group of guests. All you need to do is to create a detailed plan, design a menu that you love, keep the foods simple, and ask for help from your family members and friends. If you do not want to burden your family with this task, then ask your closest friends if they know where to find people looking to make a bit of pocket money. It can help you cut down on costs that would have been spent on a catering staff and allow your family members to have a great time at your wedding. Save money by buying your supplies in bulk and iron out all the details once you have decided on your menu. It is important for your food preparation to be safe and sanitary and lastly, create a timeline for the event to ensure everything runs according to plan.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing DIY Wedding Catering

  • Cost and Time

Self-catering does not always mean that you will spend less but you still can if you stick to your budget. However, feeding all your family members and closest friends requires equipment, utensils, dishes, and a space to prepare your food. Even though you may try as much as you can to save on costs, not all your family members and closest friends may have the time to enjoy your wedding.

  • Organization and Help

Many efforts go into making guests happy and comfortable during a wedding. The way you organize your DIY wedding catering determines whether it will make or ruin your day. A self-catered wedding may require a large number of family members and friends to help if you are dealing with a large group. Without extra hands on deck, many activities may be slow-paced starting from food preparation to serving guests and keeping up with the schedule.

  • Experience and Outcome

It is quite difficult to trust a friend who rarely cooks food at their home or is new to this kind of task. You would want to be selective with whom you choose to help you prepare food for guests at your wedding. This can leave you with only few members who may not be enough to handle all tasks related to food preparation. If the food was good and the reception was fun then guests will remember how happy the couple was. Failing to meet the expectations of your guests in terms of food preparation and presentation may fade away smiles and dull your day.

Is It a Good Idea to Cater For My Own Wedding?

Although you may have your reasons for DIY wedding catering, the risks and challenges that you may face outweigh the benefits that come with this decision. Preparing a meal for a large number of people can be overwhelming especially if you are not a professional. Family members and friends who are doing this for the first time may not be familiar with food safety protocols, which can make people, get sick.

If you are considering DIY wedding catering, it is important to start planning early, get organized, and understand what you should do in the days leading up to your big day. However, using a professional catering service for your wedding guarantees better outcome since the staff has the experience, training, and equipment to make your wedding successful.