What is Corporate Catering?

Types of Corporate Catering Food Trucks A given company may have an unlimited amount of space on its premises in that that some catering services like buffets are not possible to have there. Since the admin also wants to reduce inconveniences and save time, the caterer can use food trucks to bring the food close … Read more

How Can a Caterer Make Your Corporate Event a Success?

Catering is incredibly vital for any corporate event such as company meetings, annual get-togethers, brainstorming sessions, award galas or even fundraising events. A caterer has the ability to either ruin or make a corporate even a huge success. They oversee everything regarding food, beverages, and the seating arrangement. They also handle the decoration aspects like … Read more

Your Catered Corporate Event: How to Make it Count

Catered corporate events have existed for a long time – and they show absolutely no sign of letting up. In fact, catered events are more popular than ever. The value of personal networking and team-building has been affirmed by countless studies in recent years, and corporate catered events are a great way to bring people … Read more