How to Choose a Caterer for a Private Event

Planning an event can sometimes be quite overwhelming due to the long process it involves. The trickiest part of it all is choosing the right caterer for your event because you have to put into consideration many factors like the responsiveness of the caterer, their prices, customer service and so on. This article looks at the factors you should consider when choosing a caterer for a private event.

  • Experience

When it comes to catering for a private event, the experience of the catering company is very important because it is what differentiates a quack from an expert. You would not like to take chances your guests, so you would not want to pay so much money only for the caterer to handle your event like a learning experience. Therefore, when organizing a private event, you should not settle for less. Consider checking the experience of the caterer before hiring them. One way to know this is by checking their profile online, and this should provide you with information about the many other private events they have catered for.

  • Customer Service

Customer service forms the basis of any catering service because, without it, the services would be all up for nothing. Good catering services go beyond food and the seats; it also calls for quality customer service. Your caterer should be able to respond politely to the needs of your guests and be in a position to know what should make them happy the most. Good customer service can even cover up for average food and setting but if the customer is very poor, it will make the whole event feel like the worst, regardless of high quality food or drinks.

  • Flexibility

Sometimes, you may forget some important bits when planning for the event with the caterer, only for you to remember them on the event day. In such a situation, you may feel the need to make a few changes on some things you realize might help to offer the best experience to your guests, a few days before the event, or on the event day. Should these occurrences happen, the caterer should be able to adjust to your needs without making complicated demands.

  • Customer Reviews

Since no one hates quality service, you should be very careful not to fall on the hands of a quack. One of the ways to know if a caterer is qualified enough is by checking their reviews and ratings. Just Google them or visit their website and look out the customer reviews and ratings. If they have some good customer reviews, then it means they are a good caterer and will not disappoint you.

  • Insurance and Licensing

A licensed and insured caterer is the best so that in case anything goes wrong, like food poisoning or accidents, they will cover the hospitalization bills. Licensing is a very important factor to consider because it means that if a caterer is licensed, then they must have passed all the requirements and qualifications for them to be allowed to operate. In addition to that, they will guarantee a quality service since this is one of the main requirements that a caterer must meet to be certified as a catering company. Besides, they will advise you on different laws and regulations such as environmental control standards that must be adhered to when conducting events

  • Charges

Before you decide to hire a caterer for your private event, ensure that you calculate everything in your budget. To determine the size of your budget, you need to ask yourself the number of guests you are expecting, and the price of one plate of food. You determine the cost of the food by multiplying the price of one plate of food by the total number of guests. Afterward, factor in the cost of the seats, the cost of the public address system, and other extra features to use on the event day, such as decorations. To enjoy the lowest prices in the market, bid out the catering work to several caterers because they will be forced to give you discounts to win the bid. By doing this, you can pick the one with the lowest prices.

If you are planning a private event, then you ought to consider hiring a catering service, as they will make things very easy for you. Finding a catering company is quite easy. All you need to do is go online and Google the top catering services in your area. Alternatively, a friend can refer you to one, or you could still enquire for the best caterers from an event organizing company. This way, you can be sure that you will land the best caterer out there and you will have an idea how much they charge.