How to Host the Best Corporate Catered Picnic

A corporate catered picnic provides a good idea to give back to your employees and show gratitude for a job well done. Therefore, as the owner of a company, you have to pay attention to this point and take your employees out for a picnic at least once a year. When it comes to making plans for this day, it is good to hire professional catering services to ensure everything goes according to plan. This article gives information regarding the best way to host a corporate catered picnic.

  • Plan Ahead

If you know that you will be hosting a corporate catered picnic, it is a good idea to plan way ahead of time. This will help ensure that everything is planned for, ensuring you have a successful event.

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As an organization, it is understandable that it can be hard to set some time aside to plan an event when you still have other things to attend to. This is why you want to come up with a schedule to plan for the event. You want to start these plans at least three months before the planned picnic date to give you ample time to make the needed plans.

  • Formulate a Budget

Although this point looks obvious, you do want to have a good idea of the amount of money that you are willing to spend as an organization. This will help you make the necessary plans on the things to get and the ones to leave out. Be sure to do a calculation of the average price per person to ensure that you spend your budget properly and still manage to keep everyone happy. From a catering perspective, you want to keep the food and drinks simple. This is something that you want to talk about with your caterer to get some good cost-saving ideas.

  • Understand Employee Tastes and Preferences

The picnic is meant for your employees to enjoy. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay attention to their individual tastes and preferences so they can feel catered for. Talk to your employees and understand the things they would like in terms of the location, theme, games, and entertainment, and food options. Including the things, your employees wish for can result in greater enjoyment.

  • Work With Caterer to Curate a Tasty Menu

After talking with your employees about their preferences in terms of the food, it is now time to make that a reality. You can never achieve a great corporate picnic without exceptional food. The food you decide to choose should reflect your brand and the needs of your employees. Do not compromise on the quality of food offered because you want to show your employees that you care about them.

Here are Some Point to Remember When Curating the Menu


As you will probably realize from your employees, everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to the food. Therefore, you need to offer a variety of traditional and healthy food options to cater to everyone. No matter the setting you decide to go in, your employees will appreciate the many healthy options that you provide them.

Gluten-Free Options

Speaking of healthy food, gluten foods do not go well with some people. Therefore, it is important to take care of such individuals by introducing gluten-free options. This will ensure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the corporate picnic. Choosing to go the gluten-free way also provides the perfect catered desserts.


If the main dish will not start any time soon, it is a good idea to appetize guests with some small meals. These can be portable, ensuring that guests take their food on the go. This will encourage your employees to mingle with their colleagues, leading to a fun experience.

  • Make Plans for the Weather

The weather is always unknown. Therefore, it is good to make plans for bad weather. If it is rainy, be sure to install tents for guests, and if it is sunny, offer plenty of shade for your guests.

A corporate picnic provides you and your employees a great time away from the office where you can interact and have a great time. Due to the significance of this event to the ongoing success of your organization, it is good to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone invited. Hiring a professional caterer to organize everything for you can relieve you from a lot of stress, giving you the ability to enjoy this day without jeopardizing your current activities as a company.