What is Corporate Catering?

If you are a company admin or an HR officer, then you have an idea of how ordering meals for a corporate event can sometimes be challenging. You have to do your due diligence in choosing a great caterer that will deliver not just high quality, but also great meals. This can prove to a very challenging adventure for an admin with other administrative matters to take care of, especially when you do not know where to start. Knowing what corporate catering is and what to expect of it can make your work easier when you are in need of the service. This article sheds more light on the A-Z of corporate catering.

What is Corporate Catering?

Even before we embark on what corporate catering entails, let us first ask ourselves what it is. Corporate catering is the act of providing food to the staff of a given organization or company. Upon the admin calling, the caterer comes to the company premises to collect orders of every employee. They then leave and come back with the food or the employees can even visit their restaurant which may be in form of a food truck or an actual building. The service can either be one-off or daily catering, depending on the agreement between the two parties. Depending on how and what form the caterer delivers and serves the food, this brings us to the next item of our discussion.

Types of Corporate Catering

  • Food Trucks

A given company may have an unlimited amount of space on its premises in that that some catering services like buffets are not possible to have there. Since the admin also wants to reduce inconveniences and save time, the caterer can use food trucks to bring the food close to the company without entering the premises. From here, the employees can pick up their order and have it within proximity.

This catering service style involves the caterer carrying different varieties of food in large metallic pots. The pots are arranged in a line, with a serving spoon in each of the pots. The employees then come with a plate and serve themselves whatever dish they desire. The pots are usually heated from below to keep the food constantly war during the service time or event.

  • Popup Restaurant

In this type of catering service, the caterer comes to a company premise to collect individual orders then comes back with the food. Upon the food arriving at the premises, the employees decide where to eat the food. Since, in most cases, employees love to have food together, this creates a restaurant-like gathering, hence the name popup restaurant.

How Corporate Catering Can Benefit Your Company

Corporate catering has loads of benefits to a company and its employees. Among the most intriguing benefits that come with corporate catering include:

  • Time-Saving

Corporate catering saves so much time that employees can channel to other important matters of the company. When food is brought to or close to the company premises, employees do not have to leave the office. This does away with the likelihood of the employees getting stuck in traffic when coming back from lunch. Time is not the only thing that corporate catering saves; it also saves on cost. Buying food in bulk comes at a discounted market price, something that would not have been possible if the company gave out lunch allowances to each employee.

  • Improved Staff Productivity

Food sharing presents people with an opportunity to catch up and exchange ideas. Besides, what could possibly spark more energy in an employee than a plateful of food? Research findings show that a company that provides its employees with food has more productivity output than those that do not offer any food at all. When a company provides to its employees, they may not even feel it when the company takes away some benefits.

How to Order Corporate Catering

The most important and last item in our discussion is how to order corporate catering. It is very simple; you just go online and search corporate catering businesses near me and you will have a whole lot of options to go with.

As you go about choosing a corporate caterer, it is imperative that you only pick the best in town. A great highly caterer with a good portfolio will not just provide great meals; they will also help maintain a good professional image. A professional company image augurs well on your clients while at the same time keeping your employees happy and upbeat.