5 Catering Things to Consider When Planning Your Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be overwhelming especially when you do not know where to start and how to get started. Hiring a professional catering staff can relieve the burden of food preparation, theme, and decorations for the event. Once you have determined the number of guests who will be attending the event, you need to ensure everyone is happy and satisfied by meeting or exceeding their expectations. It is important to set aside an extra budget for contingencies to avoid delays or embarrassments during your corporate event. In this article, we will be looking at five catering things you should consider when planning your corporate event.

  1. Buffet or Waiting Staff?

The style of service for a corporate event has a significant impact on guest experience and satisfaction. A waiting staff works great for glamorous corporate events, as it requires handing out drinks, meals or any other thing you have planned in the menu to your guests. If you are working with a large group, you might consider a buffet style of catering, as it is much faster than waiting to be served. It is not limited on choices, which means that guests have the freedom to choose what they want from the available foods in the menu. Having a waiting staff for a large number of guests may be costly especially if they are being compensated by the hour. It is important to consider your style of catering during the planning phase to avoid food shortages or wastage.

  1. The Complexity of Your Menu

The type of menu and style of food is very essential when planning a corporate event. You need to think about what your guests can eat and enjoy while factoring in the budget you would like to spend on each guest. Corporate barbecues and buffets work best for a large group of guests compared to sit-down setups as they provide guests with a wide range of options. A professional caterer will always advise you on what to include in your menu based on their great ideas and what they can offer. Keep in mind that complex menus may require a lot of planning and preparation time to pull it off successfully. It also demands extra hands-on deck to reduce the amount of time needed to prepare food for your guests.

  1. Stick to a Schedule

It is important to work with an event planner and chief caterer to plan the foodservice around the day’s schedule. Not only does it ensure your guests feel happy and satisfied, but also have some level of concentration on the primary objective of the event. Your catering staff needs to serve food in time to avoid any delays when guests break out for meals. Sticking to a schedule is very essential especially when you are having a buffet as it prevents food from running cold when exposed to open air. It also minimizes interruptions during the event when people are allowed to eat at any time.

  1. The Available Food Preparation Facilities

Reputable catering companies often carry their food equipment so that you do not have to worry about purchasing new equipment. However, some of their equipment are always leased or rented out. This means they add up to the total cost you need to pay for their services. Although it may seem a good idea to allow caterers to handle this part, you can do other things to cut down on unnecessary expenses. If you have your deco or cooking equipment that can be used during the event, you will save your caterers some time in preparing and setting up everything needed for the occasion. Besides cutting down on costs, you get to know whether any additional equipment is required.

  1. Theme and Food Presentation

The themes and food presentations need to match the desired feeling of your event. You need to give your guests a good impression as it builds up a positive reputation for your company. It leverages your rapport with your investors, work colleagues, and employees. Delicious foods combined with a professional setup will give your guests a great experience and a sense of belonging.

Whether you choose a buffet or a sit-down style of catering, it is important to deliver the best experience by ensuring everyone is happy and satisfied. Keep these factors in mind when planning your next corporate event as it provides a good benchmark when estimating your budget. It also gives you great ideas on what to include in your menu and how to make your event successful.