Catering Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthdays mean so much to kids and it is a great opportunity for you to make memories for your kid. Most kids are picky eaters so you want to be very keen on what you prepare for them. Since it is a once in a while moment, do not try to impose healthy eating restrictions for the kids. Let them have what they love most and this will make it memorable for your kid. However, this does not mean that you should be reckless. First, study the taste and preferences of all kids to ascertain any dietary specialties. Since deciding foods that go well with kids is not an easy task, this article is going to help you out by describing top kid’s birthday party catering ideas.

  • Fairy Bread
Rows of glasses with raspberry sweet dessert for Celebration, party, birthday

This is bread covered in colored sugar sprinkles and the best thing about is that it comes in all manner of shapes, making it resonate quite well with kids. The colored sugar sprinkles attract kids while the different shapes make them associate the bread with different kids’ play items. This is a great kid’s birthday party catering idea because you can bake the bread at home and use a cheese cutter to make just any shape to go with the theme of the party. Colored sugar is readily available in the local food stores.

  • Rainbow Cupcakes

A kid’s birthday party is never complete without some cupcakes. These are the best idea when hosting your kid’s birthday party because you are almost certain that all kids have an equal portion of the desert. To make the dessert table even more colorful and exciting, add some food color dyes and the kids will keep coming back for more. Cupcakes are great because they provide the kids with enough energy to keep going about their outdoor games.

  • Shaped Mini Sandwiches

Having sandwiches during your kid’s birthday party is another great chance for you to provide the kids with enough calories while still keeping them healthy with some veggies. While making the sandwich bread, ensure to keep them small so that the kids have an easy time biting on them. To make them even more fun and match the theme of the party, you can cut the bread into kid’s fun shapes using cheese cutter. Use different cheese spreads, meats, cucumbers, and some leaf salads to make the sandwiches.

  • Fruit Wands

Even as you would want to please the kids with sugary bites and all sorts of crunches, you do not want to stuff them such foods. Instead, present them with some bits of fruit options. Since most kids are picky, try some fruit salad on a stick. At the top of the base of the stick, put some differently shaped watermelons. The shaped melons pieces are put on the base of the stick to dupe the kids to eat the fruits because most of them do not like fruits. You can use a cheese cutter to make different kids fun shapes of the watermelon.

  • Taco Bar

Kids always enjoy tacos so be sure that they will enjoy them during your kid’s birthday party. Most people are put off by the idea of tacos because they keep adding toppings one by one, and end up forgetting others. The secret to making great tacos is to prepare a list of all the ingredients a day before the party day. This helps you reduce confusion and amount of work on the party day. Ensure to add some beef and chicken and some veggies so that the kids have a variety to choose from. Even as you do this, remember to set the bar in a room with an easy to clean the floor because with kids, it’s about to get messy.

  • Mini Pizzas

It may seem like a bogus party but a kid’s birthday party without some pizza is far from being fun. This is because pizza is the number 1 savory food for any type of event, and a kid’s birthday is no different. Use cheese cutters to make different kids fun shapes then put them on a big platter. The simple common pizza will be on their minds and talk of the neighborhood for days.

Kids are very impatient which means you have to step up your culinary skills. If you decide to hire a caterer, be sure to choose a great caterer, one who can prepare some great meals since most kids are picky. The caterer should also be flexible because kid’s preferences keep changing with moods. Most importantly, they should be efficient enough because kids do not like to be kept waiting to eat.