Top 10 Tips to Do Wedding on a Budget

There has been a long debate surrounding this topic, as some people still believe that it is impossible to hold a wedding on a limited budget and still have fun while at it. This article highlights a few tips for doing a wedding on a budget.

  1. Have a Small Wedding Guest List

You can feel the urge to invite almost all your peers, colleagues and closest acquaintances. However, you ought to know that doing that is not a great idea. This is because the cost of the wedding escalates with every added invitation that you make while still making it very less intimate. You should therefore be relatively brutal to avoid feeling responsible and obligated to invite everybody. The idea is to simply trim your list and invite as fewer people as possible so that you can reduce your budget significantly.

  1. Make Savings on Your Wedding Invitation Postage

You should use a reply card where the guests can readily reply either with a telephone call or just online. This can aid you to make some savings if compared to the traditional use of an envelope and maybe blotter paper. This ancient way was very expensive since the envelope had to be very attractive and in pristine condition.

  1. Marry on a Weekday

A marriage on a weekday significantly helps to reduce the costs of the wedding. You can also do the wedding out of season. You can therefore save a lot of money by holding the wedding in January as opposed to June or July on what is termed as the peak season. Varying reports and studies clearly depict that this could save you from up to $8000, if you are planning to do a big wedding.

  1. Replace Wedding Gifts with Wedding Help

This simply entails asking your friends to offer you some distinctive help instead of bringing you numerous gifts. They could sing at your wedding in case they have some musical abilities or they could also aid with photography just in case they are gifted or well versed in this area. Asking your friends to offer such kind of help instead of bringing you gifts could be a nice idea of cutting or scaling down the budget or costs of the wedding.

  1. Shopping Online and Making Sample Sales Acquisitions

You should keep checking out any potential sample sales on the internet. Consider doing your search on platforms like e-bay. This can aid you to purchase a very decent wedding dress or even shoes at a reduced price. You can also consider renting a wedding dress and all these can ensure that you operate well with a shoestring budget.

  1. Printing the Stationery on Your Own

This is very crucial because the idea of printing some unique and personal wedding invitations can be very costly. Therefore, you can seize this opportunity and print them yourself after purchasing some cheap templates online.

  1. Catering Your Own Wedding

Catering your own wedding can significantly reduce the wedding costs pertaining to food. If you think it is too strenuous for you, consider seeking the services of a restaurant that is family owned, as they offer the best and very cheap deals.

  1. Saving on Décor

You should be very prudent and frugal when planning for your wedding. One thing you can do is hold your wedding just near a certain given holiday when you are very assured that your desired venue will already be decorated. The venue can already be floral thus reducing any costs on flowers. In case this does not work out as expected, you can decide to do a candlelit wedding event, which can be very decent and ideally very cheap and affordable.

  1. Avoid Gifting the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

You can deviate from the norm and avoid gifting them your bridesmaid and groomsmen. You can just decide to draft a very simple card for them just to show appreciation and they will definitely comprehend.

  1. Plan a Very Basic Honeymoon

However desirable it might be, it is not necessary to plan and go for a very lavish and expensive honeymoon. You can decide to go local and tour some great places within your locality instead of an extended 18-hour flight that might cause you jet lag thus not being as fun as anticipated.

If all the aforementioned tips can be adhered to religiously, then you can as well be very confident that your wedding shall be a success regardless of your financial constraints.