Picnic Ideas During Covid

As we all know, human beings are social creatures. However, since the onset of the pandemic, that narrative changed. People have had to adapt to a new way of living and socializing that involves zero contact with each other. Activities such as eating together, celebrating, and having fun with each other is now an offense. Transitioning to this has taken a toll on many. However, not all is lost. People can still interact and celebrate while observing Covid rules. An example is a social distance picnic. This perfect solution enables everyone to enjoy while still complying with the restrictions. However, the picnic will not be the same as before. It requires adjusting per the Covid-19 laws. This article gives top picnic ideas during Covid you can assimilate when planning to go for one.

Picnic Distanced Seating

Picnic on the beach at sunset in the style of boho

Before Covid-19, on a picnic, you would have a group of people seating on one blanket, and sharing everything. People would gather together, laugh, and drink without any distancing. However, since times have changed, you will have to do away with that and incorporate distancing. You need adequate space that will fit everyone and no close contact with the other person. If you are planning to bring chairs and seats, you can arrange them six feet apart from each other. Also, encourage everyone to carry their chairs. If it is a blanket setting, make sure to bring huge blankets where everyone will sit and observe social distancing. You can also add throw blankets so that people can arrange them and have enough space to sit on.

Avoid Sharing

Encourage your guests to follow the rule of BYO- everything (bring your everything). That includes chairs, blankets, and food and drinks. That way you will be able to avoid contact with each other’s things. If you are the one cooking the food, you could pack them in a different bag. This way, everyone will have their backpacks that have all the essentials. Better yet, you can decide that everyone should bring their food.

Moreover, if it will be difficult not to share, you can buy disposable utensils and cutlery. After using them, you throw them in a dustbin or carry your disposable garbage bags and put them there. Furthermore, if there are games included at the picnic, try your level best to be mindful and avoid close contact. You could wear masks if the game is involving contact with each other. After that, remember to sanitize your hands or better wash them. Also, put into consideration the weather. If the sun is scorching and shining brightly, carry umbrellas and if it is cold and gloomy, make sure to wear warm clothes. That way you will have a good time with your friends while still observing the Covid-19 rules.

Regular Use of Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

It is imperative to note that the use of sanitizers protects you from contracting the virus. Since you are meeting with friends and family, you must carry your sanitizer or a packet of disinfectant wipes just to be extra cautious. If you are planning to share some items such as utensils, use the wipes to sanitize them. You can also include gloves, where if one is serving food and drinks, they must wear the gloves to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Moreover, everyone should wear their masks. The moment you are leaving the house, always put it on. Although, on a picnic, it is hard to wear masks since you are eating and drinking. So try not to get close to someone while having a conversation without a mask on

Having a picnic with a pandemic among us is different from traditional times. There are times you need to get out and enjoy the sun’s warmth while dining in some good food and drink. All this is achievable. Once you find a spacious outdoor area, you and your friends will have fun while per the guidelines put in place. You should know that the virus spreads faster, especially when in contact with someone who has it. It is crucial that you do your best to stay safe and avoid getting the virus. Protecting yourself means protecting your loved ones. Distance does not need to take away all the fun. You can still plan for social distancing picnics and enjoy a joyous time with friends. If you will be going on a picnic as a large number of people, you might want to seek the services of a caterer to make plans for you so you do not have to do everything by yourself.