Mother’s Day Picnic Ideas

Mother’s day is almost here. It is usually a special day that we remember our moms and celebrate them. On this day, many people look for ways to cherish and show love to their moms. One of those ways is to go for a picnic lunch. Spending some quality time outdoors is always a great way to pamper a mother of any age, especially those with kids. If you are looking for a great way to spend Mother’s Day, a picnic offers a good option. This article gives different Mother’s Day picnic ideas that you should consider.

Simple Foods

The main objective for selecting a picnic over any other kind of event for Mother’s Day is to make everything simple. Therefore, the menu does not have to be complicated. Delicious foods or something new can make the entire adventure marvelous.

Mother and little son on an outdoor picnic in a spring blooming or summer Park.

Getting pimento cheese can help you make lettuce, tomato, or pimento sandwiches or wraps so easy. In addition to this, adding some fruits with pita crackers gives little tummies a great meal to enjoy.

Apart from sandwiches, salads also go quite well with picnics. Three-bean salad is one example you need to consider. It is good for carrying around and even tastes amazing when prepared before. With such an option, you can start prepping a day before the exact date. This will give you so much freedom of time to create something nice.

The Dessert Selection

A dessert is an excellent way to ramp up any event, including a picnic. You can have a simple dessert menu that includes classic pimento cheese, fresh fruits like strawberries and clementine, and lemon pound cake.

Cool Drinks

To round up this beautiful day, consider mixing up a batch of delicious hibiscus punch or make some orange or lemon juice for mom. Any drink that gives a refreshing feeling should suffice during this special day.

Go For Small Gifts

As you go for the picnic, you might want to carry some gifts for your mom. At such a time, you might want to consider going with small gifts. Simple gifts are always because mothers mostly enjoy seeing their family happy. Therefore, you do not have to go overboard with the gifts. You can show your appreciation with flowers, if she is into that, or go for something like a drawing if she is an art teacher.

The Smaller the Better

A picnic is meant to be intimate, meaning you want to keep it small. This is true, especially during these times of pandemic where safety is of utmost importance. Make sure to keep the picnic to just a few individuals. If there are guests that will be coming, be sure to maintain social distance and wear masks if not all attendees are vaccinated. Carrying hand sanitizer is also a good thing to remember.

Bring in Accessories

The goal to having a great picnic is to have some accessories like pillows and baskets. For the pillows, you can personalize them to match the picnic’s mood. You cannot rely on a restaurant’s ambiance this year but this does not mean that things have to be boring. You can create some personalized pillows that will uplift the venue for your picnic. In addition to the traditional picnic blanket, add some colorful pillows. On the other hand, the basket should be cute and functional to hold your sandwiches, cookies, and chips.

Make the Picnic Eco-Friendly

The whole idea of a picnic is to enjoy nature. Therefore, if you are going to the great outdoors, it is a good idea to leave them better for the next day. You need to make the entire experience eco-friendly. For instance, consider using beeswax to wrap your sandwiches. This will hold them together, ensuring the fillings do not fall off. They are quite easy to make and the remaining ones can always be used in the kitchen. You should also consider packing flatware, which you can toss after the picnic because the lesser items you carry back home, the better.

The pandemic is not over yet, meaning it might still be hard to hold a huge event for Mother’s Day at a restaurant or even at home. However, this does not mean that this day should not be celebrated. To many mothers, it is the thought that counts. Therefore, you do not have to go big this time. A simple picnic can do wonders and make your mom feel appreciated. With the aforementioned examples, you can be able to hold one good picnic for your mom.