Best Foods for a Picnic with Family

summer table with colorful dish and plates and brazier on white background with vegan bbq skewers

Picnics are often associated with a couple whereas not many know that it is not ideal to confine or limit picnics to such a myopic perception. Picnics can also be perfect for families as a way of bonding and strengthening family ties, especially in a modern contemporary world where everyone is usually busy and frantic … Read more

Picnic Ideas During Covid

Picnic on the beach at sunset in the style of boho

Before Covid-19, on a picnic, you would have a group of people seating on one blanket, and sharing everything. People would gather together, laugh, and drink without any distancing. However, since times have changed, you will have to do away with that and incorporate distancing. You need adequate space that will fit everyone and no … Read more