How Important Are Reviews When Looking for a Caterer?

Have you been to a catered event lately? Perhaps you’ve even organized one at some point during the past year. There are so many different types events that are regularly serviced by professional caterers, from wedding receptions to corporate functions and family reunions. Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to prepare the food yourself, or even to order a stack of pizzas. Working with a good caterer can lift the burden of your event and leave you with an excellent result. In some cases, it also ends up being the more economical strategy.

Whatever your reasons for considering the services of a professional caterer, you’ll eventually find yourself in a position of having to choose between several different companies. As with any product or service these days, one of the first things people do is look at reviews. Provided the reviews are legitimate, they offer a direct window into real customer experiences with that particular company. In terms of researching caterers, reviews are an extremely valuable resource – even more so than your average product purchased through Amazon or some other online channel.

Reviews are particularly important to catering for the simple reason that catered events involved a significant process of planning, discussion, communicating, and finally delivering the service on the day of the event. When all is said and done, there will have been a lot of communication between the average catering company and a given client.

There is also the reality that professionally catered events are generally important to people. Consider something like a wedding reception or a corporate function. If there are problems or glaring imperfections with the catering service, how will you feel as the event organizer? How will the guests at your event feel?

For this reason, reliable caterers take very job very seriously, and work overtime to ensure that every event, no matter how big or small, is a success – especially now that customer reviews are so important to the continued success and reputation of a given caterer.

Taking these things into account, reviews really are important – reading through them gives you a definite and immediate sense of any red flags, strong points, or weaknesses. If you see certain patterns emerging – such as weak communication, mistakes on the day of the event, or hidden pricing – your picture of that caterer’s services becomes that much clearer.

It’s almost impossible, even for the most reliable catering company, to have 100% glowing reviews. Some reviews are written in haste, while other people take a lot of time to describe their experience. Some reviews are unfair, although this is statistically rare. Generally, if a customer has a good experience, they’ll let you know it – likewise if the experience left something to be desired.

The most important thing is that the catering company has a pattern of excellent reviews in which the client considered their event a complete success, thanks in part to the caterer. This lets you know that you’re working with a company who has taken their clients seriously, and continues to work every day to earn the trust of the community and its many important events.

Happy review reading, and remember: When you choose the right caterer, your chances of a successful event go through the roof!