4 Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Extra Special

As far as kids are concerned, birthday parties are one of the most exciting events out there. Whether it’s hosting your child’s birthday party or attending a party for one of your child’s friends, it’s obvious just how much fun and excitement can be had. Birthday parties are something children typically look forward to for months on end, and when the big day comes, they can hardly wait to get the party started.

As a parent, you might be wondering who to make your child’s birthday party extra special. What menu options should you consider? What about location, amenities, entertainment? Should you have a game plan for inclement weather? The last thing you want is to disappoint the birthday girl or boy – so how can you throw a great party without breaking the bank, and without obsessing over details?

Here are five options to consider as you get down to the planning phase of your child’s forthcoming birthday party.

1. Catered pool party

If you’re celebrating a summer birthday, and you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, hosting a birthday party can be extra fun. Swimming tends to be very popular with kids, as you already know – plus, it’s easy to add fun food and entertainment options. You might have a grill and wish to prepare the food yourself, but when you see the efficiency and quality offered by a reliable caterer, you might think twice about making and serving the food yourself!

2. Party in the park

Professional catering goes well with kids’ parties in public settings, such as reserved picnic stations at parks. And what kinds of things could you have catered in that kids would love? Some great ideas include a nacho bar, a six-foot submarine sandwich, classic hot entrees such as chicken tenders or cheese ravioli, or even an ice cream cart to top it all off.

3. Cotton candy machine

Believe it or not, there are a lot of caterers out there who know the tricks of the trade to make your child’s birthday party that much more special. A cotton candy machine is a festive touch, and it’s usually very popular at birthday parties. If cotton candy isn’t your thing, consider a snow cone cart, popcorn cart, hot dog stand, or pretzel stand! Some high quality caterers can offer all of these services, and it can make for a truly memorable detail that kids love.

4. Entertainment

Clowns aren’t for everyone, but they can still be a huge hit at a kids’ party. Also consider a DJ who can play music for kids, or even a banjo player who can lead the kids through fun songs and activities. Magicians can also be hugely popular. There are many different types of performers and entertainers who are experienced with kids’ parties, and reputable caterers often have good advice on who to call.

It all starts with research…

Planning your child’s birthday party is easier than ever, thanks to the internet – but the options can also be overwhelming. Keeping things simple and focusing on a few quality activities and details can be a great way to keep the party fresh, and make it stand out! A good caterer should always be able to fit perfectly into your plans, while offering a professional service that is even better than expected.