Should I Start Planning My Spring Picnic Now?

It wasn’t long ago that we were talking about the end of Summer. From a catering perspective, this is always a busy time. Autumn is one of the most popular times of year to have a wedding, and this is one of the main factors. There are also a lot of informal outdoor events during the Autumn months, especially when the leaves are at peak colors. Then the conversation turns to holiday events, corporate functions, extended family get togethers. Suddenly the holidays are history. The winter definitely isn’t finished, but it starts to feel like planning for Spring is not a bad idea.

And it isn’t a bad idea – especially if you’re planning a catered event. The arrival of warmer weather is cause for celebration in itself, but there are also many events during the springtime months (weddings and graduations, in particular), and many of these events need to be catered.

What often happens is that people wait too long to start planning the key aspects of their event – namely the venue, the caterer, and any other aspects of that particular event (such as entertainment). Calendars tend to fill up quickly, especially as spring draws nearer, and many people can find themselves in markets where there is a shortage of good catering and/or desirable venues. This is not a good position to be in, especially if you are particular about your event and where it’s hosted.

Peace of mind is another great reason to plan early. Getting a few major pieces of the puzzle in place allows you the time and space to fill in the details at your own pace, and to focus on other things as your event draws near. More of the event details can always be filled in later – but if you’ve secured a preferred caterer and venue, you’ll have a big advantage over those who have procrastinated and are now fighting for a few precious venues and caterers.

Most reputable caterers will tell you that their calendars often fill up months in advance, and that they end up having to turn down a lot of events that they would have loved to cater. Some of the bigger catering operations are able to have several different teams catering different events on the same day, but it’s generally good advice to plan early and avoid losing out on the options you really want. When it comes to catered events, whether business or personal, it’s a good idea to get things started sooner rather than later.

Get the ball rolling

Catering is a booming business, and many people are disappointed to find out that their chosen caterers and/or venue is unavailable for the dates they want. The way around this is to avoid “the rush” and get your event on the books early. That way you can rest assured that you’ll have access to a reputable and qualified caterer, and your choice of venue. March and April come around awfully quick, but if you’ve already planned key aspects of your event, you can relax and focus more on filling in the details.