Corporate Catering Dishes

Breakfast served with muffins, juice, fresh bread and parfait

Apart from that, you may also consider an all-American buffet, which contains breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, breakfast meats, and bagels. Lunch Ideas Box lunches are quite common in corporate events because they are simple to use and serve, making them appropriate for busy events. Box lunches can contain different foods like sandwiches, chips, … Read more

Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring a Caterer

organic catering setup at a wedding event

The reason this question is important is that you do not want serving staff wearing attire that would otherwise collide with the religion and cultural affiliation of the guests. For example, you cannot have a female serving staff wearing short tight skirts where a majority of the guests is from the Muslim community. However, if … Read more

What Are the Worst Case Scenarios for Your Catered Event?

Have you ever had a dream that you were late for an important meeting, or completely unprepared for an important test? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. It’s a common and natural thing to have dreams where you forgot something or overlooked an important detail, and now are scrambling to rectify … Read more