What are the Best Qualities in a Professional Caterer?

A wedding with a gorgeous ceremony and a delicious, beautifully presented meal at the reception will certainly stand out in your memory. A party that offers food choices for everyone, including kids and people with food sensitivities, makes all guests happy and ready to linger and enjoy themselves. The mission of any good caterer is to accomplish all of these things, while helping your event to flow smoothly and effortlessly.

No matter what the nature of your event, it deserves the best presentation and quality of food possible. Since your event is going to feature a meal, hiring an experienced caterer will ensure that the food is delicious and that your party is a success. Here are some qualities to keep an eye out for in your event’s caterer.

Good References

Especially in close circles of friends or in small towns, word-of-mouth is a a caterer’s best and most popular reference. People who have had positive experiences with their caterers will no doubt recommend them to their friends. Catering stands out as a profession that people experience firsthand, and they will easily recall whether the experience was a positive one or not. If you can’t find very many personal references, reading catering reviews online is also a really good way to zero in on the most skilled, talented, and experienced catering professionals in your area.


A great caterer generously offers their time to carefully establish the details of your party. A personal meeting will be the best way to get to know your caterer and describe your vision to them. They should keep your ideas strongly in mind while adding their own insights and ideas to strengthen the logistics and planning for your event. Budget ia also an important concern. A good caterer will discuss your projected budget and stretch your money to its furthest potential, including honest information about compromises that may need to be made in order to stay under budget.


When searching for a professional caterer, keep an eye out for those who know how to ‘flesh out’ your ideas. The best professionals can take your ideas and translate them into reality. This creates a good sense of visualization, and experience with the real problems or challenges that may exist during a catered party. A good caterer will create a tangible vibe at your event — whether your party is for the holidays, in your backyard, or a wedding reception.


Your caterer should offer to show you a menu that they have created for similar events and for similar budgets. Once you solidify your menu choice, the caterer will normally offer to schedule a time for you to come and taste the dishes. Sampling the food will be a valuable experience for your event!

Professional Staff

A great deal of planning has gone into your event, but if the execution is lacking, you won’t come away with a positive experience (and neither will your guests). The catering team at your event should be trained, professional, and good at interacting with people! This is a hugely underrated aspect of professional catering, and more professional caterers should be held to a higher standard in terms of the professionalism and training of their employees.

Making the right call

Truly enjoying (and being proud of) your event is much easier with a reputable caterer in your corner. Keep these points in mind while making catering decisions for your next party or gathering!