3 Ways a Professional Caterer Can Make Your Event Stand Out

If hosting a large party seems daunting, a little extra help in planning and bringing it to life will make hosting much easier. It’s your party, after all. As much as you want to make sure your guests have a good time, you also want to join them as much as possible. You want to be able to sit back and interact with people. But there are so many details to think about. Is it reasonable to assume that the party itself will be a stressful experience for you?

Not necessarily — depending on the caterer you hire. A really reputable caterer can bring energy and life to your event, and actually allow you to enjoy it. How? Here are 3 ways a great caterer will transform your event into something enjoyable for everyone — even you.

1. Scrumptious food

A certain sense of delight comes with taking the first bite of a long-anticipated meal. Guests are bound to remember the food at an event — even more so if the menu was expertly designed and prepared. Pallets differ greatly, so providing the right balance of options will bring your guests pleasure. If your party is going to have any number of children, you may want to consider kid-friendly options as well. Gluten-free or vegetarian menu options may also be desirable if you are aware of any food sensitivities your guests may have. A pro caterer can offer each of these choices in varieties that will please virtually everyone.

2. Beautiful tables

The tables at your event greet your guests when they walk in the room. Having attractive linens, centerpieces, and arrangements will add to the aesthetic value. Attractive tables will even make your guests comfortable as they enjoy the food, whether you’ve hired waitstaff or have chosen the more economical buffet route.

If your event is going to be a buffet, the buffet table should make an elegant, appetizing statement as your guests look the food they will be eating. Design flourishes should reflect your surroundings, whether your event will take place in a garden, by a pool, in a home, or in a venue. Various themes can be achieved by laying tables with the proper décor, and good caterers know how to work closely with clients to achieve the right effect.

3. Excellent Service

You might be worried that the actual staff at your event will be improperly trained, or perhaps even unprofessional in the way they interact with guests. Express your concerns ahead of time and ask about the people who will be staffing your event.

The best catering companies only send highly trained and reliable staff to serve to events. One server for every ten guests is a good ratio for the highest of service, but this ratio is more expensive than one server for every twenty guests. If your event is more formal, your caterer should offer providing one server per every ten guests. Again, it’s important to have honest dialogue with your caterer to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Adding it all up

Since your catered event will create long-lasting memories in the minds of your guests, hiring an experienced caterer is not something you want to skip over or take lightly. Finding the right caterer will make your event flow smoothly — and it will allow you to enjoy yourself at the same time!