5 Things To Look For When Selecting a Caterer For Your Cocktail Party

Pre-planning is everything when you are looking to host a successful cocktail party. When it comes to arranging, you have two options to consider – you can decide to do everything yourself or hire a professional catering service for that purpose. If you have the required time and experience in hosting a cocktail party, then you can do everything yourself. However, if you have never hosted such a party, then you should consider getting help from a catering company. This article provides you with tips on how to select the best caterer for your cocktail party.

  1. Your Needs

You probably have a list of things that you want handled by your catering team. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire someone able to follow your preferences. Some of the elements you may want considered include the number of guests invited, and the type of food served. For instance, you might want your caterer to serve a full meal course or just entrees and appetizers, or even both. The caterer you decide to go with should thus be in a position to handle your party based on the details provided without failure.

  1. Experience

Experience is key when looking for someone to cater your cocktail party. You need to work with a team that has a proven record in catering cocktail events. If caterers tell you that they can handle your party, you should not just take their word for it. Instead, you need to go ahead and do extra research to see whether they have catered cocktail parties before. It will be much easier working with someone that has experience in the industry rather than a random team without any experience.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is a crucial element to consider when choosing a caterer for your cocktail party. The main reason behind this is that there is no specific way of holding parties. Therefore, everything goes and it is good to have someone that understands this. Your caterer should be able to adapt to the current circumstances. An example of an abrupt change that can take place at a cocktail party is an increase or decrease in the number of guests. In addition to this, your caterer should prepare and serve a wide array of foods, bearing in mind that some guests may prefer certain foods to others. Furthermore, it is good to consider your guests that may be allergic to certain foods. The caterer you decide to go for should be creative enough to handle such issues.

  1. The Cost

Apart from all the aforementioned factors, cost is another thing that you have to consider when choosing a caterer for your cocktail party. This may seem obvious, but cost is not taken with the importance it needs. Cost will always vary depending on your catering event, meaning there is not a specific cost for all parties. There will always be different factors to be considered, and you do not want to go too high or too low. The best thing you can do to ensure you get the best deal is to way in the available options, based on your expectations and the things you want to achieve. This will allow you to come up with a budget that enables you to get the best return.

  1. Great Service

On overall, the catering company you decide to work with should offer an incredible service. You will know whether a team is good to work with right from the start. The speed at which they respond emails and phone calls is one thing to watch out for. In addition to this, you should evaluate how easily they grasp the instructions you send out to them. You do not want to work with someone that does not comprehend the things you are trying to achieve.

Many things go into hosting the perfect cocktail party. Many hosts think that only the drinks matter, but this is wrong. Hosting a cocktail party requires incredible food and drinks service, good decorations, the right seating arrangement, and an ideal entertainment system, among other things. If you possess experience throwing cocktail parties, then you probably know the things to do and can probably handle everything by yourself. However, if you have never hosted a cocktail party, or want to relieve yourself off the stress of throwing such parties, then you want to work with a professional catering service. Luckily, this article has provided you with tips on how to go about selecting the right team to work with. Therefore, you should not have any issues with your cocktail event.