How to Have a Spring Picnic with as Little Stress as Possible

The way you spend your spring picnic affects the way you will benefit from it physically, mentally and emotionally. There is nothing more appealing like spending quality time with your friends and family without any distractions. Nature makes it easier to build stronger relationships and socialize with other people. Since it will be all about relaxing and enjoying the moment, the last thing anyone would want is to feel stressed or left out of all the fun. In this article, we will be giving you several ideas on how to have a picnic with as little stress as possible.

  • Plan for the weather

It is important to adjust your plans according to the weather. Although some people would want to look great when out on a picnic, it is important that you protect yourself from cold whenever the temperatures get low. A mixture of different types of clothing allows you to adjust to the weather. You also need to take safety precautions for your food to keep everything fresh until it is ready to serve.

  • Pick a Location Ahead of Time

Location is one of the most essential factors to consider for a spring picnic. You also need to choose the time of day when you will be going for your picnic. It is always nice to have plenty of options when picking the location. You can either bring a large canopy or umbrella or choose a spot with shade trees to provide relief from the sun.

  • Make a List of the Things You Need

It is important to make sure that all your necessities are at arm’s length since your pantry, kitchen, and the favorite market will be out of reach. You should not pack up your picnic basket unprepared since you will be transporting a good deal of must-have kitchen items to a place far from home. It is always important to think of all the ends and odds that may arise before, during and after a meal. You also need to list out the random extras such as water and trash bags that people normally take for granted when at home. A picnic basket that has the essential makes it easier, as it decreases the chances of forgetting something important.

  • Use Disposable Dishware

The idea of having plastic to your picnic might not appeal especially if you are eco-conscious. However, you can still seek out brands that use bamboo, wood, and recycled materials.  You will not have to worry about dragging your heavy ceramic plates and cutlery to and from your picnic. Although you may choose to pack on a variety of disposables, it is important to bring at least one real knife. A camping knife may come in handy if you are having trouble opening stubborn packages or there is some meat to be sliced.

  • Plan a Simple Menu

One way of having a stress free picnic is not to be worried about preparing everything from scratch. This means you will have to make a few shortcuts here and there in order to keep the menu simple. You can pick your favorite cookies from a local bakery or make sandwiches out of chicken salad. This meal can be rounded up with nuts, fresh fruits, crackers, cheese, and ham.

  • Keep Cool and Drink Up

Keep everyone well hydrated by packing up a variety of drinks. Water, fruit-infused soda and lemonade are only a few drink options you can carry on your picnic. You can also choose to relax and have fun with a glass of wine, as long as you have your bottle opener. Reusable round ice cubes can be used to keep the drinks cool and prevent them from becoming watered down.

  • Plan an Activity

It is a good idea to eat and enjoy good company during a spring picnic. However, do not forget to include a few activities that will keep everyone happy and entertained. You need to create some time for fun games and other activities that will make your picnic more memorable. Some few ideas include a deck of cards, dominos, a board game, a soccer ball or volleyball.

All the above tips can make your spring picnic stress free as long as you plan ahead of time. It is always important to dwell on activities that focus primarily on having fun and spending quality time with your family and friends. It does not take much to have an extraordinary adventure so pack a picnic and head outdoors for a more exciting experience.