How to Cater a Sweet 16th on a Budget?

A sweet 16th entails a very crucial milestone in the life of every teenager. You should therefore make it very memorable and ensure that you create some nostalgic moments. It is quite expected that most teenagers do not have a lot of money or the capability to plan for a huge and glamorous sweet 16th party. This implies that every plan has to be executed accordingly to fit the available budget, which is often quite strained.

Financial austerity is vital to make sure that the money that you have will be utilized accordingly to cater for everything while still guaranteeing that the party will be a hit and huge success. Many teenagers do not know how to go about it hence this article discusses the several ways that you can use to guide and help you cater a sweet 16th on a budget.

  • Determine Your Budget
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Before everything else, it is very important to establish and have a clear budget. Many 16th parties normally cost between only $300 to a whopping $25000 for teens from very affluent families. It is therefore prudent for you to know the kind of budget that you are working with as you proceed to make concrete plans about how you will cater for the party with the available funds.

  • Modesty

Instead of planning a huge affair with many guests and possibly a DJ, ballrooms, and even stylists, you can decide to invite and cater for just some select family and close or proximate friends. This could prove to be better and more sentimental even if it is not overly fancy.

  • Casual Backyard Party

This will help you cater for everyone comfortably and it is ideal for a teenager or parent on a budget. You can decide to rent a tent party and some chairs for the guests at a very affordable price and create a small but beautiful party hub that can shelter everyone in case it is too hot or if there are other adverse conditions such as rain.

  • Book a Caterer Early

This is important as it ensures that you reserve the caterer’s services early enough and in advance before they are all completely booked. This is because it is very expensive to hire a caterer in the final minutes when they are all booked. This is an essential tip for everyone who intends to involve a caterer but with the full awareness that they cannot pay for it in the rush hours.

  • Outdoor Dance Floor Rental

An outdoor dance floor rental is another cheap option that you can use to lighten up the sweet 16th and make it lively. You can get a small party popping at a cheap price with some proper lighting, which will render your party a very funky experience.

  • Order Food From a Teen Favorite Restaurant

Many teen restaurants have special offers especially on these kinds of occasions. You can bank on this and order for ample food for everyone at these discounted prices.

  • Set Up a Taco Bar

This is the easiest way to feed a crowd. Every single guest will have a very great time building their tacos and ensure that you will be able to mingle with people since everything is prepared in advance. It is a feasible and cheap idea.

  • Appetizers and Light Bites

Appetizers and light bites are great options that you can have at your sweet 16th party. It is good because people do not indulge heavily in this kind of bites hence making them quite a fitting option.

  • Set Up a Cocktail Bar

This can be your cocktails made through some basic and straightforward recipes. You can also decide to involve the services of a beverage service that focuses on making these amazing cocktails at a very affordable price.

  • Coolers

This entails some sparkling water or traditional and throwback sodas. To cater to the party at a cheaper price, you can decide to make some special punch or lemonade and fill it in a dispenser. Some infused water is also another decent option.

The aforementioned are great options that you can opt for as you cater for your sweet 16th with a very limited budget. This article has enumerated and exhaustively discussed these ways hence you stand to be properly guided. You should consider them and your party will be a definite success without the worry and concerns about not having sufficient funds. In addition to this, you should also liaise with a few experts in this area and make a very informed decision to have the perfect sweet 16th party.