New Year’s Party Catering Ideas

Everyone has a different idea of how to spend their New Year’s Eve. Some prefer a quiet evening at home with immediate family or spouse, some hit the town for a rowdy night of partying, while others invite their close friends and family members to usher in the New Year with glamour and style. For the latter, planning a memorable party of their lifetime is a task that begins long before New Year’s Eve arrives. If you will be inviting people over, you need to keep things lively. Here are some brilliant catering ideas for your New Year’s party.

1. Appetizers

Eating appetizers before meals prepares one for the feeling of rapid fullness. Some of the appetizers to try out at your New Year’s party include butternut squash and bruschetta.

 people raising glasses over festive dinner table while celebrating Christmas with friends
  • Butternut squash

This creamy appetizer is ideal for a traditional New Year’s Eve dinner. The recipe is made up of butternut squash, chopped onion, and thinly sliced carrots to make up a rich and flavorful vegetable soup.

  • Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil

If you want an appetizer for an elegant New Year’s Eve menu, then consider Bruschetta topped with sweet basil and chopped tomatoes. It is a make-ahead recipe that can be stored a day in advance of New Year’s Eve dinner.

2. Drinks

It is important to prepare different kinds of drinks for your guests. You can also make it fun by asking them to bring their own bottles to the party. A few drinks to include in your list include chilled champagne and fruit stollen.

  • Chilled champagne

This New Year’s Eve drink is perfect for when midnight strikes. One of the ways you can complement your sophisticated menu is to serve a bubbly beverage with tart pomegranate flavor. Consider both alcoholic and non-alcoholic champagne options.

  • Fruit Stollen

The sweet dough of a perfectly blended fruit stollen will make your home smell like fruit. Consider making one with a chock-full of candied fruits and peels to maximize taste and flavor. Not only is it a healthy option, but non-alcoholics will love it too.

3. Main Course Meal

The best way to choose the main course meal for your New Year’s Party is to decide on a theme or set of flavors to base around your meal.

  • Tangy Molasses Barbecue Ribs

This tender brisket is ideal for a BBQ New Year’s Eve menu. Wheat beer and Tangy mustard add a big flavor to your barbecue ribs. Consider serving it with some homemade BBQ sauce to get the most out of your cut.

  • Hot Salami Pizza

A hot Salami pizza grilled to perfection with sweet peppers and cured meats makes a great main course for a pizza party menu. Although they are delicious at any time of the year, you will like them more for special-occasion dinners.

4. Side Dishes

Adding one or more side dishes is a great way to introduce fruit and vegetables into your diet. A few options to try out on a New Year’s party include;

  • Bacon-topped green bean casserole

You can make your green bean casserole even more delicious for the New Year’s Party by adding some bacon and wild mushroom. Instead of mushrooms, you can also combine them with a pile of mashed potatoes.

  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

Wrapping thin slices of prosciutto and provolone cheese around fresh asparagus is a simple but elegant side dish for a New Year’s dinner party. You are sure to delight your guests with these crispy bites.

5. Desserts

Adding desserts not only helps satisfy your cravings but also limits your sugar and fat intake. A few options to include for your one-in-a-year party include;

  • Apple Tart With Cheddar Cheese Crust

Sweet apples and sharp cheddar make a delicious flavor combination that will please the crowd. This fruit pastry can be chilled up in advance to deliver the best taste and flavor.

  • Homemade Butterscotch Meringue Pie

Your guests will love this classic go-to dessert. You can finish this flaky pecan pastry with a warm meringue filling and finely chopped nuts. It is ideal for a vintage New Year’s Eve menu.

The above New Year’s party catering ideas include some of the best appetizers, delicious main courses, drinks, sides, and desserts that will kick the night off right and steal the show. The best way to choose what dishes make their way to the table is to concentrate on a theme or a unique blend of food flavor that will delight your guests.