3 Catering Ideas for Summer

Everybody knows that Summer is the best time for grilling and outdoor eating. But organizing things yourself isn’t the only option, even if your group is relatively small. Bringing a professional caterer into the picture can be a great way to make your event more festive and exciting, not to mention “smoother sailing” for the event organizer (i.e. you).

What about the costs? People are often surprised to learn that having a party or picnic professionally catered isn’t all that much more expensive than buying and preparing all the food yourself. At the very least, contacting a few different caterers to get realistic estimates on your catering needs can give you valuable perspective as you move forward with the planning process. That said, here are three catering ideas to think about with Summer almost here.

1. Kids’ Party

A birthday party or a summer pool party can be really special with the right professional caterer working for you. Look for caterers who can offer all the classic options kids love, like hot dogs and pretzels and nachos. There are also many caterers who can bring that special touch with amenities like cotton candy stands, popcorn machines and even sno-cone bars. If you find the right catering company, your kids’ party can truly make it to that next level.

2. Corporate picnic

A casual get-together is a great chance to converse with colleagues and enjoy the warm weather — especially if you work inside every day. Your team members will probably appreciate a break from the everyday grind with a boxed lunch picnic, buffet, or fully catered happy hour with appetizers. Just make sure you find a caterer with years of experience and skill. The last thing you want is for your corporate picnic to leave the wrong impression on your coworkers.

3. Seasonal menus

Nothing says summer like fresh fruits, colorful salads, and classic entrees using seasonal ingredients. Whatever the nature of your party or event, ask your caterer about seasonal menu options in your area. You’ll add color and freshness to the picture, and you’ll score big points with people who are into quality food that’s also healthy. It may not be possible for everything on the menu to be locally sourced and seasonal — but the more season and local your menu, the fresher it will taste.

Finding a caterer for your summer events

Choosing the right caterer is, of course, one of the most important aspects of finding success with your catered events this summer. If you’re able to find a company in your area that has plenty of experience, an excellent customer feedback record, plentiful menu options, and a strong team of professionals that help you plan your event, your event will benefit from initial planning right through to the big day.

Ask your caterer about recommendations for summer events, and make it clear that quality is important to you. Most reputable caterers will be eager to demonstrate their experience and skill in making great summer memories for their clients.