What Are the Worst Case Scenarios for Your Catered Event?

Have you ever had a dream that you were late for an important meeting, or completely unprepared for an important test? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. It’s a common and natural thing to have dreams where you forgot something or overlooked an important detail, and now are scrambling to rectify the situation.

When you’re in charge of organizing a catered event, you might find yourself having dreams (or simply thinking about the possibility) that the big day will arrive and something will go terribly wrong.

1. Not enough food

This is probably the biggest fear people have when it comes to hiring a caterer – especially if it’s for an important event, like a wedding. The possibility that your guests will be lining up for food and the caterer will run out of important items is not pleasant to think about. It would leave a very bad impression of you and your event, and you might have to order a bunch of pizzas to prevent people from having to leave and find food elsewhere.

2. Quality is low

Another big fear is that the quality of the food really won’t be good. You’ll walk through the party and notice that people are pushing the food around their plates, or have left large quantities of food uneaten. Given all the time you put into getting this event right, it’s terrible to think that the final product will not be very enjoyable for your guests.

3. People get sick

This rarely happens in professional catering, but the mere prospect is enough to wake people up in a cold sweat. Nothing could truly ruin an important party or event like an problem with food poisoning in which multiple people fall ill after eating the catered food. This is truly one of the worst scenarios imaginable, as it has the potential to completely ruin your event.

4. Extra fees

Have you ever worried about getting hit with a surprise bill at the end of your catered event? This happens far more often than it should. There are so many reputable and trustworthy caterers out there who are honest and up front about the fees they charge. But there are others who take advantage however they can, and hit clients with unexpected expenses when the event is over. Suddenly, the budget you carefully arranged will have to change completely in order to cover these extra expenses.

Avoiding worst case scenarios

It’s simple: If you want to avoid these (and other) worst case scenarios, and have a truly successful event without any unwanted surprises, you need to find a reputable caterer who is just as invested in the success of your event as you are. The success of your event doesn’t just meant the food and service are on point – it also means that the process of budgeting, planning, preparing, and paying for the service is equally positive. It might take a little time to find a caterer who is going to steer you clear of all these unwanted scenarios, but the peace of mind will definitely be worth it!