What Are the Most Common Complaints Against Catering Companies?

When the winter chill finally lets go and the warm spring breezes kick up, a lot of people start thinking about graduation open houses, corporate picnics, private parties, and other special events. For some of these, you might prepare the food yourself, or with the help of friends. But in many cases, you’ll need professional help in order to make the event as good as it possibly can be.

If you take a look at catering company reviews in your area, you’ll probably find a mixed bag of nuts. There will be some positive reviews, to be sure. A lot of catering companies are super professional in the way they handle events, and even those that aren’t very professional might get lucky here and there.

However, there will also be plenty of reviews that run the spectrum from mediocre to downright negative. When you think about the hopes these clients had for their special, it’s really too bad to think that they were dissatisfied with how the catering service actually played out. And when you’re the one planning an event, you want to make extra sure that the caterer you hire has all of their ducks in a row, and is well prepared to deliver in all the ways that matter most.

So what are the most common complaints against catering companies?

1. The food wasn’t prepared well

This sounds like an obvious one, but that doesn’t make it any less common. There are many important elements to being a skilled caterer, but if the food itself doesn’t deliver on all counts, it will be very tough to convince anybody that the caterer did a good job. Experience is the greatest teacher here, since so many variables can rise during a catered event.

2. The servers or setup crew were not well trained

It’s all fine and good when you’re talking to the manager of the company and planning your event; but who is going to show up on the big day, and what kind of training will they have? It’s all too common for people to complain about the lack of skill (or lack of friendliness, in some cases) of the workers who service the event.

3. The fee structure wasn’t clear

The last thing you need when your event is over and done with is a surprise bill for hidden or extra charges; yet this happens too, if you read reviews carefully. Always look for a caterer who gives you a clear and dependable price, backed by a written contract and guarantee.

Avoiding common pitfalls

Having an event catered should be a positive experience in which your guests are treated to a friendly, professional, and high-quality catering service – whether it’s just snacks and beverages or a fully catered meal. Finding a company who can deliver across the board may take a little digging, especially since there are so many catering companies out there – and new ones are appearing every year. Stay focused on companies that have high review scores, and avoid those that tend to generate the kinds of complaints mentioned here. You’ll be glad you did!