Summer Picnic Menu Ideas

Whether you are planning a romantic date or outing with friends and family, summer is an incredible season for picnics. During this time, a well-arranged picnic or an outside barbecue can always suffice. It is usually a decent season to have a great time with some special company coupled with good food. However, choosing the best picnic menu is always the biggest challenge. There is a plethora of recipes you can prepare for a summer picnic depending on whether you are desirous of having a small affair or hosting a picnic with a huge number of people. The constant factor is that having a properly curated menu helps to dictate the tone of your special day. This article shall highlight and discuss the best summer picnic menu ideas.

Beef Burger

Summer Catered Picnic Menu Ideas

A well-grilled tender beef burger is a must-have for a summer picnic. Nothing surpasses the feeling of digging deep into such a homemade burger, and it is usually better than most burgers ordered from fast-food restaurants. It is a good fit for such a picnic as it is easy to make using just a few ingredients such as spices and ground beef. By offering a unique selection of meats such as turkey and beef followed by having different choices of toppings ranging from lettuce to cheese, you are certain that the burgers will be a hit with everyone as it is a uniquely American recipe that resonates well with all, especially on such an iconic day.

Pork Sandwiches

They are quite simple to prepare and the fact that they can be made in huge batches renders them an instant favorite ideal for a crowd. It entails slow-cooking a pork shoulder followed by some good barbecue sauce to add some flavor to the pork. The sauce could be homemade, or you can alternatively buy one at the store whichever is okay with you. The base of your pork sandwiches should be some sandwich rolls or hamburger buns to which you add some coleslaw to provide some distinct crunchy taste complementing the savory and rich pulled pork.

Barbecue Chicken

The chicken pieces should be marinated in a barbecue sauce and then grilled until they are tender and caramelized. They are very popular in the summer due to their bespoke smoky flavor and succulence that leaves everyone yearning for more.

Italian Salad

This is very easy to make using fresh ingredients like lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and red onions. The lettuce creates the base, the tomatoes increase the sweetness whereas the cucumbers are vital to keep the salad hydrated. On the other hand, the red onions and the olives help to add some depth of flavor. This can be perfected using some mozzarella or Italian dressing to assemble all the flavors together.

Grilled Corn Salad

This is a great choice for a summer picnic. It is colorful and flavorful, and it can be prepared using corn, salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, lime, cilantro, red onions and olive oil. The olive oil helps to keep the flavors together whereas the citrus in lime aids to avail a balance between a sweet corn and the taste of the vegetables. The red onions add a tangy flavor whereas the bell peppers enhance the salad’s aesthetic appeal whilst also adding some crunch.

Stuffed Mushrooms

They provide a unique option when used as an appetizer as they are quite satisfying. They are also savory and ideal to eat as finger foods. They are made using huge mushrooms, pepper, cream cheese, garlic, breadcrumbs, salt, fresh herbs, Parmesan cheese and olive oil. The big mushrooms are good as they help with stuffing whereas the cream cheese aids to create the base for the stuffing. The fresh herbs and the garlic help to add some flavor to the stuffing. The breadcrumbs on the other hand ensure that the stuffing is properly bound whilst still providing some necessary texture to this great option for a summer picnic.

Blueberry Crisp

This serves as a great dessert, and it is an irresistible treat to complement your picnic idea. It is made using blueberries, sugar, lemon juice and cornstarch for the filling whereas oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, salt, butter and all-purpose flour is used for the topping. It is better if served alongside some vanilla extract to add some sweetness and subtle flavor to the blueberry filling.

There are numerous and almost inexhaustible options pertaining to ideas for a summer picnic. However, from the plethora of choices available, this article has highlighted the best options for such a picnic day thus you not hesitate to try the recipes out.