Pros and Cons of Catering a Fall Wedding

A fall wedding has been gaining popularity in the last few years and this is because it has some good reasons. In this season, the wedding seems to be more romantic. This time of the year, autumn, has magic and a very special color that no one can deny. Another thing is that during this season you tend to enjoy different types of fruits and vegetables and add them to your wedding menu. Since your wedding day may be the most important day in your life, you may want to work with professional caterers to handle your wedding. This article looks at the advantages of disadvantages of catering a fall wedding.


  • Reduced Catering Prices
Catering event service. set table at party
This time mostly is not considered the high peak of weddings. You are likely to get more discounted prices in some aspects such as the venue and catering services. If you are having financial constraints then this becomes time for you to have a wedding. Your guests will also be happy since you will have saved them some money and saving money is great. Your guests may be able to arrange some dream vacations and you as the couple can book honeymoon suites at some discounted prices.

  • Wild Weather

Not everyone likes sweating and mostly sweating on their officially attires. Planning your wedding in fall means your guests will be able to enjoy an outdoor wedding in the fresh air. During fall, cooler temperature and lack of direct sunlight are guaranteed, which provides comfort for the couple and the guests. The fall temperatures come with enough daylight without a lot of humidity. Moreover, the stunning foliage further uplifts the vibe.

  • Seasonal Delicacies

During fall many fruits and vegetables are always in season, you can always add them to your wedding menu. Colorful fruits like apples and red pears can be incorporated to be on the design of the day and can be used to decorate your cake. The vegetables in season such as pumpkins can be used to make some squash based soup which is very healthy and nutritious. The plentiful local seasonal veggies for example cut down your costs and this is something to look out for, especially when working on a budget.

  • Beautiful Setting

If you incline toward one of a kind looks and styles, you can be shocked by the accessibility of in-season flower during fall. Yet, you have not restricted the same number of flowers that are available to slow time of year too however at a cost. The excellent tones of consumed orange, rich greens, and reds will settle on a decent decision for flower fall wedding embellishments alongside the bouquets. Most people would like the florists to bring the changing leaves of fall foliage into the bouquets.


  • It is a Busy Season

The fall is one of the busiest seasons of the year and chances are that it will collide with some events like thanksgiving in November, school reopening in September, and of course the long-awaited Halloween in October. With all these happening soon, your wedding could be deserted with guests since people might have some other plans, or even busy with their lives. If you are looking to have as many guests at your wedding as possible, it is better you do this on summer although this will take a huge toll on your budget because of the many events going down then.

  • The Weather Might Surprise You

The fall, being a transitional period between the summer and winter seasons, the weather can behave very unpredictably. Although most people expect the fall to be frequented by mild temperatures, you may be surprised with very hot or cold weather conditions. It is therefore important to be prepared for the worst and lay down the necessary countermeasures if you decide to go ahead with a fall wedding.

  • Expectations are High

The fall is characterized by many flowering and beautiful flowers covering the ground. This mindset is imprinted on people’s minds when you invite them to your fall wedding. Since the weather is always unpredictable, you and your guests might be in for a huge disappointment.

The fall is a great season to walk down the aisle as long as you are ready for the worst and lay down the necessary countermeasures. A great caterer can help make things easy if you are not sure how to prepare effectively for a fall wedding. Even so, only a highly experienced caterer can deliver to your expectations. All said and done, it is now time to get those invitations going and best of luck on your great day!