Is My Event Suitable for Professional Catering?

The calendar year is full of special occasions: Weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, baby showers, corporate functions, and the list goes on. For some of those events, professional catering isn’t necessary. It might be a small gathering, or it might be a function without food or drink. That said, a lot of those events will have professional caterers present. Catering a huge global industry, and most companies are busy throughout the year – even in cold winter months, when the majority of events and functions take place indoors.

People often dismiss the idea of having their event catered, however, because they assume it’s not a good fit. Maybe they don’t think the event is big or important enough to warrant professional catering; or maybe they’re concerned about costs. Either way, the question often comes up: Is my event suitable for professional catering?

The size of the event

Strictly speaking, you could have an event catered for only a handful of people ­– but for a number of reasons, this might not be the most practical solution. You could prepare your own food for a group that small, and it would probably work out cheaper. But there are often events of 10-20 people that are professionally catered, simply because the gathering is important and the organizers want the food to be exceptional. If you’re worried that your event is too small for professional catering, those worries are probably unfounded. Most professional caterers are happy to do small events, and will work within your budget to find the best solutions.

The type of event

The type of event you’re organizing is another important detail in terms of professional catering. Obviously, there may be certain types of events that some caterers will not do for professional reasons – but generally speaking, any special occasion or party is fair game for catering. You might have a club or group that meets periodically, and you want to focus more on the proceedings rather than serving food or beverages. Perhaps you have a corporate event, or a personal occasion to celebrate. Professional catering is frequently used for any and all of these occasions.

The budget

Don’t assume that you can’t afford professional catering services just because your budget is small. You won’t know until you inquire – and people are often pleasantly surprised by how far their budgets can go with the help of a savvy caterer. Experienced professionals are used to catering a whole spectrum of events, from gigantic wedding receptions with table service to buffet-style family reunions for a few dozen people. They’re also good at finding ways to stay within a limited budget without cutting corners or compromising quality.

Where to find a ‘next level’ caterer

If you’re on the fence about whether pro catering is suitable for you event, it’s a good idea to find a few reputable caterers and reach out for more information. You’ll probably find more than one caterer who is happy to work within your budget and find a catering solution that works for you.