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Memorial Day Catering Ideas

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and can be celebrated in quite a number of ways. The food one opts to prepare for their friends and family is, therefore, an important part of the day. This, therefore, means that a lot of thought and heart should be taken to make the perfect day. With the prospect of having so many dishes to choose from, one might end up being confused and frustrated because they simply cannot decide. This article gives some Memorial Day catering ideas that should spark some inspiration.

Memorial Day Picnic

Having signified the beginning of summer, there is no better way than to enjoy this day outdoors under the sun. The catering of a picnic is very simple and manageable because it mainly includes snacks and cool drinks.

Party table with food and plate.
The menu of a picnic day may include two-ingredient sandwiches for example ham and egg sandwiches, marinated sides, for example, German potato salad, and a homemade French onion dip. There can also be cookies and most importantly cocktails, for example, the French Monaco Cocktail, an ideal fruity beer-based drink for outdoors.

Grilled Dishes

A perfect way to enjoy an evening on Memorial Day is through juicy grilled dishes. This menu may include grilled rib eye, a flavorful and tasty option that can be accompanied by charred scallions. Grilled tomatoes and garlic mushrooms add on another level of flavor and taste to the nearly perfect meal. To add a sweet note, Mexican rice pudding pops are a good option that will bring in a cooling effect. To finish off the menu, a pitcher cocktail would be perfect especially if it is made with ripe fruits for example strawberries.

An East Coast Menu

The delicacies offered by the east coast give a unique and perfect menu for a backyard barbecue. These dishes are made using simple doable techniques that will still accomplish the most exotic flavors suitable for the celebrations. The menu may include flank steak that can be marinated with soy sauce to give it even more flavor. Chicken is also a great option where it may be prepared according to preference. This may include rubbing the meat with dried spices with a bit of duck sauce. Side dishes such as warm red potato salad or grilled corn with pesto may complement the main dishes and an easy berry dessert with cocktails such as a watermelon cooler to wrap up the menu.

New England Recopies

New England gives one a variety of options for a Memorial Day celebration outdoors. It may include lobsters, baked beans, sweet corn, potatoes, and iceberg salads just to name a few options. The lobsters maybe grilled with cilantro-chile butter and the oysters can be grilled with butter sauce. It is recommended that one makes the side dishes ahead of the celebrations to reduce work as you take care of the grilled meals. The suitable rinks that would go well with this menu include a gin and tonic. This is because tonic gives a nicely bitter taste that complements the herbal flavor of gin.


A simple and casual backyard barbecue is also a good option to celebrate Memorial Day. One may begin the delicacies with spicy summery cocktails that can be taken together with finger foods such as deviled eggs and watermelon. Scrumptious grilled Alabama-style chicken sandwiches and burgers can then follow this. One then gets to choose whatever toppings they prefer. As side dishes, coleslaw can never be a wrong option in the midst of baked beans and greens. For dessert, the menu can have vanilla ice cream.

Dinner on the Grill

This Mediterranean inspiration is both simple and special. The menu may include of strawberry Rhubarb Smash accompanied by a cocktail of choice. The main course includes polenta, eggplant, and sea bass that have been grilled. The eggplant may be grilled with Basil Vinaigrette and the Sea Bass can be wrapped in Fig Leaves. As a dessert to conclude the flavorful meal, a cake is a popular option and the perfect flavors for this Mediterranean-inspired menu are the strawberry and Hazelnut meringue cake.

A Memorial Day can therefore have a number of uniquely different menus inspired by dishes from all over the world. The dishes prepared may be simple for example; juicy hamburgers and fudgy brownies or they can be fancy dishes such as the Mediterranean-inspired grilled feast. It all comes down to preference and the budget. It is important to note that preparation and planning are important for a successful Memorial Day.


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