How to Determine Catering Prices For Your Next Event

The key to holding a successful colorful event is planning. Making proper arrangements can help you save a lot of money during the event. Catering prices are mostly affected by factors such as the catering service you want to hire, the number of guests you are expecting, where you are going to hold your event, and the time of the year when the event is set to happen. Failure to plan for your event may end up ruining it and costing you a lot. This article looks at different ways you can determine catering prices for your next event.

  • Number of Invited Guests

The number of your guests will mainly determine the catering costs you are going to spend. If you are going to have a relatively bigger number of guests, you expect that catering costs will be higher. For example, if you have invited like a 100 guests, and the cost of food per plate is going for around $25, you expect that the total cost of the catering will be higher than an event planned for 50 guests eating food that costs the same price. The total catering costs are calculated by multiplying the price of food per plate by the total number of guests you are expecting at your event. You can also determine the cost of food by calculating the amount of each type of dish you plan to serve your guests if the style you plan to use is buffet.

  • The Type of Event

The nature of event you intend to hold will also determine the costs of catering service you are going to hire. Corporate events are known to cost more in terms of catering services, than normal casual events like a dinner party of a few friends. You cannot have dignitaries attending your event and expect catering prices to be the same as for a person holding a family gathering event. The type of food and other services such as seats and sound systems will be more expensive than if it was a family gathering event.

  • Time of the Year

The season or time of the year during which you hold an event also determines the amount of catering costs for your event. Holding an event in a season when there is partying mood all over will cost you more than holding an event during a season when there are not many events being held. During the partying season like summer, catering services will likely charge more since there are plenty of events to cater for, and the business is at its highest. Due to the high competition, catering services will be a little higher than for an event held during winter, when there are no many events being held.

  • The Size of Your Budget

Another vital aspect in determining catering costs for your event is the size of your budget. You have to factor in how much money you intend to spend for the whole event. For example, if you have a small budget, the total expenditure is likely to fall at around 30% of the total cost of the event. If you are not budget constrained, you can go ahead and treat your guests to a classier event, which will cost you a little bit more. The average cost of catering expenditure will be somewhere around 38% to 40% of the total cost of the event. However, at the end of the event you will be happier that you did not compromise on your guests’ happiness.

The Catering Company

A highly rated and popular catering company is likely to ask for more money for the services costs than a company that has low ratings and reviews. With good rating comes great experience. The more the experienced a catering services company is, the higher they are going to charge for their services. However expensive, this works in your favor since you can go to sleep knowing that your guests will be treated to a great classy event because the person you have entrusted this job is highly experienced and incredible at their work.

Determining catering costs for an event can sometimes be hectic. To save yourself this headache, many catering companies can help you with this. All you have to do is to go online and check out the top companies with the best rating and reviews. You do not want to ruin your event and disappoint your guests by hiring inexperienced caterers even after paying so much money. The kind of embarrassment this can cause you can turn to be a real nightmare and this is something you do not want the experience.