How to cater a kid’s party with adults attending?

A kid’s party can also be fun for adults since parents want to watch their children enjoy their big day with other kids. It is the dream of every parent to make their kid’s party stand out and be as memorable as possible for everyone. However, it can feel overwhelming to plan a kid’s birthday party when you have a lot of other things to do on your bucket list. In this article, we will be sharing with you tips on how to cater a kid’s party with adults attending.

  • Consider an open venue

Jungle gyms, play pits, and laser tag arenas are ideal entertainment for kids but they offer limited flexibility and mingling space for a parent-friendly kid’s party. The best way to hold an event that will appeal to and cater to both children and parents is to consider a backyard marquee or an open venue that can be sectioned off as needed. This gives you enough room to set up zones for entertainment activities and other aspects of the event.

  • Create a space for parents
kids birthday party sweets table
Sweets table for a kids’ birthday party

Giving adults their own space allows parents to enjoy adult conversation while keeping their eyes on their kids. You need to incorporate adult-sized seating in the zoned-out area to accommodate the parents. Considering the numbers, expect at least one parent for every child who will be attending the party. Make sure that each adult can relax without kids running all around them.

  • Decide on the theme

Unless you have paid a party planner, try and keep your party as simple as possible. It is also essential to offer only party theme options that you can deliver. Instead of asking your child what they like, try researching the theme ideas and give your kid at least two or three themes to choose from. This forms a basis for what the entire party would look like and what colors to incorporate in your decoration.

  • Think carefully about the activities

It would be a good idea to come up with activities that keep the little ninjas occupied without parents getting actively involved. However, the entertainment activities should happen in an open playground where every parent can have an eye on their kids. Painting may sound like a good idea until kids start painting everywhere. Introduce a little interactivity between the children and their parents and hire trusted babysitters to help with the kids’ activities.

  • Practice conscious catering

Allowing children to indulge in treats and other sweet stuff that they wouldn’t consume daily is part of the fun. However, not all cakes, cotton candy, and crips are ideal for both children and adults. Keep everyone happy at the party by providing a variety of delicious finger foods and interactive food stations. An open zoned-out bar can where adults can treat themselves while kids enjoy fruity juice mocktails will be a good catering idea.

  • Make the party short and sweet

Since you will be dealing with a bunch of kids who are likely to get tired from the variety of games you have organized for them, consider making the party short and sweet. Kids tend to get overstimulated and have a limited attention span. Make sure to create enough time for the main events of the party such as serving the birthday cake and opening presents.

  • Check for allergies

When sending a party invitation to parents, make sure to add a line to the invitation about whether any of their children have special dietary requirements or allergies. Proper planning allows you to come up with the right balance of ingredients for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. Some parents may consider carrying food for their children so it’s best to get informed before the party gets started.

  • Help capture the memories

A kid’s birthday party is such a joyous occasion and a big day for the young ones that’s why an open-air photo booth would be fun for everyone. Be sure to place it in good lighting with a few props like hats and boas. Don’t forget to send the photos to your guests if you intend to print them later. Getting help from a professional photographer would save you time, allowing you to focus on the kid’s party.

It is important to take safety precautions when holding a kid’s party to avoid any accidents or unexpected outcomes. Have parents watch over their children even if there is a babysitter nearby as they understand their kids better. If you don’t want to go through the whole process of food preparation and dietary requirements, consider the help of a professional caterer as they have unique ideas on how to make the event better.