Four Catering Disasters and How to Avoid Them

One of the litmus tests of a really successful catered event is that no reality TV producer would be interested in it. Just think about it for a minute. Every reality TV show these days, whether it’s about home renovation or tattoo parlors, is all about drama. The more things go wrong, and the more dramatic situation becomes, the more entertaining it is for television audiences. As a result, the ratings will be higher and the earnings will be greater.

But you don’t want your catered event to be entertaining for television audiences. You certainly don’t want it to be something that would earn high ratings as a reality TV show. Really, what do you want when you organize a catered event as for everything to runs smoothly and for there to be no big surprises that throw you for a loop and cause your guests to remember your event for the wrong reasons.

So let’s look the worst things that can (and do) happen at catered events, and look at ways to keep our own catered events drama free.

1. You run out of food, or something about the food is not right

Every event planner’s worst nightmare is running out of food, or something about the food not being right. Part of the reason why you hired a caterer in the first place was to make sure there was enough food, that the ingredients were of the finest quality, and that the preparation was sanitary and impeccable.

2. The caterer is short handed and running behind

Inexperienced caterers sometimes overestimate their abilities and end up short handed during large, important events. This is never a good situation. Choose a catering company who is going to work your event with plenty of professional hands on deck.

3. There’s no rhyme or reason to your buffet setup

Whether your event has waitstaff or is buffet style (which can save a lot of money), it’s important that things are set up and arranged in the most sensible, professional way. A good professional knows how to set up an effective waitstaff or buffet, and things should run smoothly in that department throughout the event.

4. The final bill is way too high

Most event planners are on a strict budget, and it’s part of the caterer’s job to make sure the result is excellent and on budget. Too many caterers end up sticking the customer with extra costs when the reasons for the costs is actually a mistake (or several mistakes) made by the caterer.

It’s all in the caterer

The best thing about finding a really honest and skilled caterer is the experience they bring to the table. They’ve probably catered hundreds or even thousands of events, including all sizes and different themes. They’ve dealt with many issues and challenges, and learned a lot of important lessons along the way. They don’t want drama anymore than you do, and they have the professional experience to prevent that drama – and to make your event a smashing success.