Easter Celebration Catering

Easter is a special holiday accompanied by delicious foods and entertainment that no one could afford to miss. Planning an Easter celebration can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have no idea of what to prepare and how to prepare it. The best way to enjoy your Easter and eliminate the hassle would be to hire a professional caterer. They focus on what tends to consume your time the most – food preparation. This article discusses how to plan a good Easter celebration and why having it catered could be better than doing everything on your own.

How to Plan a Good Easter Celebration?

  • Choose a Theme

The key element of creating a wonderful event this Easter is setting the venue ready for the type of experience you would like everyone to have.

A classic look will involve more of the tulip-style glasses, and silver trays spread nicely over an elegantly dressed table. If you are going for a rustic setting, then your guests will see more floral accents, mini mason jars, and wood platters with creative bites. Deciding upfront on a theme that will help you come up with the right menu for your Easter celebration not only inspires your décor and tables cloths but creates a unified overall experience.

  • Design Your Menu

Once you have settled on a theme, the next step will be to design your menu. One of the most recommended strategies is going with the 1-2-3 rule, which involves one protein, two starch food items, and three vegetables. Instead of the usual ham or leg of lamb, you can shift from the traditional by trying a crown rack of braised lamb or pork. Many people expand their creativity even further with plate pairings like pepper-crusted tuna and a rack of lamb. Side dishes can help you display different flavors while drinks and signature cocktails can be a fun way to keep guests entertained. Take the opportunity of Easter to shine with desserts, as they are the big finale for every occasion.

  • Give Thought To The Presentation

Think of different ways to create a brilliant food presentation besides using traditional plate-ware like chopping blocks and wood boards. Create some height with risers and stacking to add dimension to your table. Custom painting platters and serving trays to add extra color can bring more personality to the occasion. Another way to keep your guests occupied with Easter festivities is to have food stations across the venue. The dessert stations or Bloody Mary bars are some of the popular choices for Easter if the space you have lends itself to an interactive station. 

Why Catering For Easter Could Be Better Than Cooking

You can expect to spend hours or even days planning the menu for the Easter celebration and shopping around for ingredients. Once you have braved the crowds at the butcher, grocery store, bakery, and any other place you shop, you will continue the hassle of chopping, prepping, and cooking food for all the guests. It is during the day of your party that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing and serving food rather than spending quality time with your friends and family. It is even worse when the celebration is over because what comes next is cleanup. How long will it take you to clean up when you are left with a bunch of dirty dishes, glassware, serving items, pots, and pans?

Easter celebration catering takes all the hassle right out of your hands since your catering company will handle all the setup, deliver your meal to guests, and finish up after everyone by doing the dishes. The fact that you get enough time to enjoy the celebration is reason enough to hire a professional catering service. When planning everything by yourself, you are limited to what you know but when expert caterers are involved, they can serve new foods and bring great ideas that you and your guests will enjoy. As far as the cost is concerned, you might be surprised at how comparable the price is when you make the meal yourself and when you have your party catered.

You can always get creative and surprise your guests with a few skills you have when preparing meals for the occasion. However, the experience and expertise of professional caterers could be what you needed to pull off the best Easter celebration of all time. It is always important to call a catering company for inquiries and even have them present some of the ideas to help you decide what is best for you.