How to Choose an Indoor Venue for Your Catering Event

As the weather gets colder, the opportunity for outdoor gatherings (especially catered events) is drawing to a close. But life is still full of events, gatherings, celebrations and parties. Except that now, you want your guests to be in a cozy indoor environment, free from the influence of any drastic weather. And when you have the responsibility of planning an event that involves a caterer, you want to be sure to plan carefully. Finding the perfect indoor venue is at the top of this list. Whether you are planning a wedding, business function, or a party, here are some things to look for and keep in mind as you begin the search for the best venue for your winter event.

What kind of atmosphere do you want?

Many venues have a target audience in mind. For example, an old chapel may have an additional hall that is available to rent, but since it is attached to a chapel, it may be intended for wedding receptions with its decorations and so forth. If you are not familiar with the venue, be sure to visit it in person before booking it because you want to guarantee that the atmosphere is what you want. After all, this element will be the first thing your guests notice as they walk in the door.

What is the best location?

If you are holding a business function where people have had to travel through the cold, you may want to consider holding the event in a location near their hotel, if not in the hotel itself. Also, keep in mind photography opportunities if you are hiring a photographer. Look to see if the scenery around the venue is ideal for photos.

How many people does the venue allow?

It’s important to know exactly how many people you expect to attend your event. While you certainly don’t want the venue to be too small to hold your party, you also do not want the room to feel empty if you are having a smaller function.

Are any services included?

Find out beforehand if the venue you are considering has tables, linens, and a functioning kitchen. Do they have a specific caterer whom they work with? Find out what costs and down payments look like for using their equipment. Also find out if the venue requires you to do the cleanup or if they provide this service with the rental.

What is parking like?

If you are planning to invite any number of elderly guests, you will want to make sure that the parking is convenient for them. Some venues may offer valet parking, but others require a good distance of walking to reach the venue.

How does the layout complement your plans?

You should keep in mind whether or not you will be serving your guests at the tables or if it will be a buffet-style meal. If you are planning on a buffet, you will want to ensure that the traffic flow is complementary to this plan.

The right venue, the right caterer

The catering company you choose for your event should without a doubt have useful suggestions for venues in the area that they have worked with before. Working with a good caterer makes your job much simpler as the host. They will take care of many of the details for you.