What are the Best Ways to Cater an Event During Covid?

Catering makes a huge part of any event because you cannot just invite guests to an event and let them go back home hungry. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, catering was quite easy, as there were no restrictions in regards to the number of guests you should invite or the catering process. Things have now changed and as an event host, you need to adopt new methods of serving guests to promote a safe environment. This article looks at some of the best ways to cater for an event during Covid.

  • Consider Small Events

If you plan to host an event in these times of the pandemic, you need to think small. Consider inviting a smaller number of guests than you usually do. This will go a long way in helping you plan for the event and ensure it is safe for everyone.

Vegetable snacks on a banquet table. Catering food.
Therefore, you need to shrink your guests’ list so it is easier for you to promote social distancing guidelines. With the large space that you will have, you can arrange your seating properly and create ample space between guests. When it comes to catering, you will have a small list of guests, meaning the service can be of greater quality. In addition, the service will be done in a way that promotes social distancing guidelines.

  • Introduce Standard Operating Procedures to Promote Health and Safety

As the host, you have to introduce some procedures that will promote overall health and safety in your event. One thing you can do is encourage regular hand washing by setting up various stations around your event space, which guests and staff have access to. Ensure that personal protective equipment is being used at all times. For instance, make sure everyone is wearing a mask and food is handled effectively. Social distancing is key and has to be maintained at all times. Another thing to do is make sure that surfaces are disinfected regularly. Busy surfaces like serving areas and guest tables should be disinfected regularly.

  • Go For Single-Use Products

In these times of the pandemic, disposable items play a key role in limiting contact between staff and guests. Examples of single-use products include plastic cutlery, plastic barware, and tableware. These items can be thrown out once the event is done. Single-use products are good because they reduce exposure for guests and eliminate the need to wash the dishes. These products can also be used creatively to create a unique presentation that promotes safety. You should consider using serving methods like food picks and skewers, plastic shot glasses and mini samples, plastic mason jars and lids, and tasting forks and spoons.

  • Consider Hybrid Solutions

It is understandable that not everyone will be comfortable with attending events at the moment. Also, you might not want your event to be overcrowded. Due to these reasons, you want to consider some hybrid solutions for your event. For instance, companies have adopted hybrid models for holding conferences and meetings. With such solutions, individuals do not have to attend events in person, as they can do so from far. As an event host, you can consider using different applications like Skype or CVent to allow people to attend the event digitally. This is a great way to maintain Covid-19 rules while still keeping everyone happy.


  • Ignore the Buffet

The buffet is a traditional method of catering. However, they cannot work with the pandemic. Instead, you want to utilize attendant served stations. If you have an attendant working at every food station, you can be sure that just one person is conducting the serving. You should also consider using casher shields at your food stations for greater safety. Chef attended food stations are a great idea right now because they can be used to serve a variety of dishes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created many problems in all aspects of our lives. Events have also not been left behind because fewer people are needed to attend and many restrictions have been put in place to ensure safety. As the host, you need to ensure that your event follows all Covid-19 rules. When it comes to catering, you have to use the aforementioned tips to ensure minimal exposure to your guests. To ensure the best possible experience and maximum safety, you might want to hire the services of experienced caterers to help you out. They understand all regulations and rules set aside to ensure events are conducted in a safe manner. Therefore, they will greatly assist you in the catering process.