Best Foods for a Picnic with Family

Picnics are often associated with a couple whereas not many know that it is not ideal to confine or limit picnics to such a myopic perception. Picnics can also be perfect for families as a way of bonding and strengthening family ties, especially in a modern contemporary world where everyone is usually busy and frantic running innumerable errands. Picnics are deemed such a simplistic form of outdoor activity but it is actually one of the best ideas that you can pitch to your family members. This is because it is a cheap, chill and wholesome activity but also so sophisticated with regard to the amazing and fulfilling experience that it offers you once you pursue this option. However, not many people know what type of foods are fitting for such a picnic with family. There is a wide array of such foods that you can opt for based on preference and overall theme of your picnic and this article shall highlight and discuss them exhaustively so that you can be properly informed.

Marinated Mushrooms

summer table with colorful dish and plates and brazier on white background with vegan bbq skewers

This is simple yet very preferable for a picnic with family. It is easy to pack the mushrooms and they do not entail a lot of preparation that is often so draining and overly engaging for some. A picnic is famed for its simplicity and casual vibes hence marinated mushrooms are a good fit for food that is easy to prepare and pack without any unnecessary hassles. Over and above, they are also tasty hence rendering them a decent choice for a family picnic.

Curry Chicken Salad

A salad is always great for a picnic. This picnic classic is made even better when it comes to the chicken curry salad. Naturally, salads are best when taken outside as the outdoor nature naturally compliments their creamy, rich, yummy and delicious taste. They can also be taken with the bread of your choice where they are fitted in between the slices hence giving you several alternatives that are great to explore at your picnic event.

Fried Chicken

To perpetuate the chicken agenda, you can never go wrong with some fried chicken. Some people also go the extra mile and make it a buttermilk-fried chicken, which makes it more worthwhile. A picnic can never be complete without some fried chicken in a bucket that people can dip into until they are very satiated.

Dogwood Punch

It is definitely a preserve of the adults but it is a great lemonade that can be taken at the end of the family picnic as the kids play around. This sets the mood for a good sundowner with a good beverage entailing a rose and strawberry combo.

Tuna melt

This is a good hearty option for breakfast prepared with tomatoes, avocado and some tuna salad. Some people also prefer to add some nuts, cheese or lettuce and others also add some boiled eggs dependent on whether your family guests are accustomed to such a rich, hearty, and crunchy breakfast sandwich usually attributed to the added nuts just to make it even more fantastic.

Focaccia bread

This is underrated as it can be employed as a snack, a side dish or even as a major part of a breakfast meal. Focaccia bread is an Italian dish that is relatively easy to prepare. It is very tasty and crisp due to the fresh herbs that make it very popular for everyone who has ever had a taste of the same.

Sausage Rolls

They are often perceived as too common and a staple of the indoor food experience. To demystify this myth, these finger foods are still a great idea for a family picnic. They help the family members go down the memory lane as sausage rolls are a huge part of everyone’s upbringing. It is a good throwback idea that serves some very nostalgic vibes for an option that has literally refused to go away.

Tortilla Chips

This can be either baked or fried. Many people always prefer the homemade tortilla chips. They are very crunchy coupled with some crisp delicious taste that is made even more when ate or combined with some fried beans or fresh guacamole. They are one of the best foods to have at a picnic with your family.

Many foods are deemed best for a family picnic. However, this article has only mentioned a few that are unique and bespoke compared to the usual traditional picnic options. However, you should not hesitate from experimenting and trying some few more ideas without being necessarily limited by this article.