Should Rehearsal Dinner Be Catered?

Rehearsal dinners have grown in popularity and are now considered full events. Traditionally, rehearsal dinners were done before the wedding by the groom’s parents. During this event, everyone was invited including families from both sides and friends. However, couples have now taken this as their own event. Depending on the couple, rehearsal dinners can be intimate or casual.

The way you plan the event is entirely up to you. A major part of planning entails preparing what people are going to eat during the event. This can be a very overwhelming task, especially if you are doing it alone. This is why you might want to hire a professional caterer to help you out. This article answers the question whether a rehearsal dinner should be catered.

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What is a Rehearsal Dinner and Why Is It Important?

It is the dinner usually held a night before the actual wedding. Since the rehearsal dinner has grown to become a great celebration moment, some couples opt to have it two nights before the wedding. This gives them enough time to relax and get ready for the actual wedding. This dinner provides an amazing opportunity for the couple to have a good time with family and friends in a less hectic environment. The main goal is to relieve some tension and make everyone feel comfortable on the big day.

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

  • Backyard Rehearsal Dinner

One place you should definitely consider having your rehearsal dinner is the backyard. The benefit of doing this is that the venue is free, there will be no rush to get things done, and you have ultimate control over what you can do. Having your rehearsal dinner at a backyard means that you are in search of simplicity. Therefore, you should also keep the food and drinks simple. Some foods you can go with may include ribs and sides, seafood kebabs, and gourmet hot dog. These foods are quite easy to prepare and you should be good as long as you assign a handful of people to help you out.

  • Restaurant Rehearsal Dinner

A restaurant rehearsal dinner is a great option if you do not have a large enough backyard to house your guests or simply want them to have a better experience. Choosing a restaurant means that you will not be the one doing the food preparation, as this should be handled there. This should give you enough time to have a great experience. One thing you need to do, especially when working on a budget, is to arrange a set menu. This is because things can add up quite fast when everyone is ordering their own food and drinks. You want to be in control of things and have one menu for the occasion.

  • Park Rehearsal Dinner

You can combine the ideas of having your rehearsal dinner at a restaurant and at your backyard and throw the party at a park. Here, you can achieve a simple and affordable catering for everyone invited. If you do not have access to a yard, think about a local park or community center. Depending on your state, you may need a permit to do this but it should not be hard. The catering menu for such an event can be simple chips, salads, or sandwiches. It does not have to be complicated at all.

Why You Need a Caterer for your Rehearsal Dinner

Although a rehearsal dinner does not have to be complicated, you still need to invite guests who will want to have an amazing time. One part of having a great time is the food. Catering for your guests on your own can be tough and this is why you might want to use the services of a professional caterer. They have years of experience and will ensure everything, in terms of food is handled.

The wedding party is important but this does not mean that you forget about the rehearsal dinner. Rehearsing before your wedding is important to make sure everything goes according to plan on your big day. When this is happening, people still need to enjoy some good food and drinks. This gives you a chance to showcase to your guests what they can expect on the wedding day. Since you are expected to be busy throughout the wedding period, you want to leave some tasks like catering to professionals. Professional caterers can prepare some great food, set up the place, and ensure everyone indulges in the favorite drinks on the rehearsal day. This will go a long way in ensuring you have enough time to think of other important things.