Bridal Shower Catering Ideas You Should Consider

A bridal shower is a great time for the bride-to-be to have a good time with friends and family before the big day. Since the party is meant for your girls to give you gifts and help make your big day become a reality, you should keep the party as simple as possible. Party food can rip off your pocket if you are not careful. You do not want to spend so much on this small party such that you do not have any finances left for the main day. The ladies will be busy chatting and admiring the deco and will hardly notice you forewent the main meals, so keep it simple. Besides, you want to have as much time with your friends as possible, something that complex recipes will not allow you. This article looks at some catering ideas you should consider for your bridal shower.

  • Dessert Bar

Desserts are a good choice since they are easy to bake. You just have to come up with a design and then leave them to bake in the oven. You can even do them overnight so that they can be eaten fresh the next day. Ladies love some bits of sugars and caramel, so they will be glad to have some few of them, let us say cupcakes topped with some cream or chocolate. You can have some wine, champagne, tea or coffee so that they can sip while chatting. Alternatively, you can prepare a large cake and serve them in a few bites and a drink. The ladies will be so glad to have a few pieces of these that they will hardly note they did not have a main meal.

  • Tea Party

Teas are another great choice for a bridal shower party, especially when coupled with some finger foods or desserts. They are cheap and easy to prepare so that you have all the time at your disposal. Again, most of the teas are considered healthy options so the ladies will love to sip on them while biting on some desserts as they chat with friends and family. Have all the types including green, black and purple tea so that they can take their favorite.

  • Fruit Salad

A fruit salad makes the best choice for a bridal shower party since it is full of sweetness, calories, and vitamins. There is no better choice than this, especially on a summer afternoon. You can head to the local grocery and buy all types of fruits at a reduced price since you are buying in bulk. Cut them in ring shapes and in cubes, put them in small plates and cover them. Refrigerate the salad for a few hours for the best experience. You can prepare early in the morning so that by the time guests start showing up, they are cold and fresh. Ladies will be happy to keep picking a piece as they chat. A glass of wine after the salad will make things great. Beware of serving the salad on late mornings or late afternoons, as they will tune your guests to an incoming main meal.

  • Family Recipes

These refer to the setting where you suggest that each guest comes with their homemade meals to the party. They are then placed in a buffet-like setting, while a card showing the recipe sits next to the meal, bearing the name of the guest who prepared the meal. Then, all guests go round sampling bites of each meal. A family recipe may seem like an austerity measure to cut on budget but it will be fun and thrilling.

  • Finger Foods

Finger foods are a great alternative to desserts since they limit the number of servings a guest will have. They are a little time consuming to prepare and a little expensive than desserts and dips, but they will make the party one to remember. You can prepare and refrigerate them so that by the time the guests are almost at the venue, you will just heat them a little. Some finger foods like broken rice, cabbage rolls, roasted tomato, Caprese summer rolls, and chickpea salad boats are good choices, especially when served with a glass of wine or champagne.

As seen in this article, you have many options when it comes to catering a bridal shower. However, as much as you can save on costs while doing everything by yourself, it can be quite overwhelming. You should thus consider hiring a professional caterer. They will do an incredible job and relieve you of the headache of choosing the best option. They will also save you the most engaging time taken to prepare the meal. This will leave you with ample time to enjoy with your guests and worry about other things concerning your big day.