Best catering tips for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an official holiday that recognizes the commitment to military service and honors those who lost their lives in the line of duty while serving their country. Since it is such a special day for the fallen soldiers, it is important to honor them and celebrate this day in the best way possible as a reminder of the good they have done for the country. The theme, decorations, activities, and other aspects of your celebration should be patriotic and include some element of the country’s flag colors. In today’s article, we will be sharing with you some of the best catering tips for Memorial Day celebrations.

  1. Send out Invitations

Let people know that you are inviting them for Memorial Day celebrations once you have decided on the details of the party. The world has become more digital than the way we used to know it, therefore. So, you can either choose to send out old-fashioned paper invites to people’s mailboxes or go the digital way with a custom e-card. Whatever method you choose, make sure to include crucial information like the time, venue, and general schedule of what the event will entail. This gives you a headcount of how many people to expect for the special occasion.

  1. Theme and decorations

memorial day dishes

Memorial Day is celebrated with these food ideas

Since we are remembering the brave men and women who fought hard for their country, your Memorial Day event space should be decorated with the colors of the flag – red, white, and blue décor. You can be more creative by providing your guests with patriotic party favors like colored flags, hats, and poppies, especially if kids will be attending too. Keep the flags to a minimum to avoid an overdone theme and decorations. Another way to add a classic summer feel to a Memorial Day theme is to include string lights that have patriotic colors.

  1. Food & drink ideas

The food you offer at a Memorial Day party focuses more on the classic American fare. Therefore, you need to center your menu around BBQ and offer amazing slides that complement the main course. You can also choose to save some money by having people bring their favorite types of meat for grilling. This might ensure everyone gets what they want. Bring your own bottle is another way to save on costs but if you can afford to buy beers and other drinks for adults, you will surely make their day.

  1. Memorial Day activities

There are many patriotic activities you can choose to involve your guests in during a Memorial Day celebration. You can create patriotic chalk art, put together care packages for soldiers, listen to veterans’ stories, and play patriotic songs. When choosing these activities, make sure both kids and adults are involved so they can all have a good time. You can also donate to related courses that are most relevant or important to you such as grieving families, wounded soldiers, veterans with PTSD, and much more. Your activities should be in line with the main reason for the event.

  1. Keep it simple & have a backup plan

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by trying out things that you are not certain of. Make sure you understand the reason why you are holding a Memorial Day party and keep everything as simple as you can. If you are holding the celebrations in your backyard or outdoors, it is essential to have a backup plan should the rains come. Unexpected rain can ruin your outdoor plans and force you to switch indoors when necessary. A porch or covered deck can create a good backup plan should it start to rain outside.

Should I hire a professional caterer for a Memorial Day party?

If you want to enjoy every bit of this special occasion then the best decision you can make is to hire a professional catering company. Involving the experts is such a good idea because they have the experience and know which foods complement others. A professional catering service will cover much of everything including dietary restrictions. Other reasons to hire a reputable caterer are because they prepare amazing foods and drinks, offer professional presentations, and create a great atmosphere for a memorable special occasion.

It is important to honor the tradition of Memorial Day celebrations as it is a special day for remembering the fallen heroes who fought for their country. The best way to entertain and keep people excited about the party is to offer amazing food and drinks. Involving the services of a professional caterer allows you to spend valuable time with your friends and family. Don’t forget to commemorate by taking tons of pictures as it helps to capture the beautiful memories of this special occasion.