Best Dishes To Make For Thanksgiving 2021

Best Dishes To Make For Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated holidays where people celebrate their family traditions. It is marked by a traditional meal and religious observances to express gratitude. Although Turkey has always been the main course meal for this festival, the side dishes are what make the thanksgiving table more inviting. However, other main dishes could be prepared instead of turkey to keep your guests happy and enthusiastic all day long. This article looks at some of the best thanksgiving side dishes you should try out in 2021.

  • Cranberry Chutney

Cranberry chutney is a mouth-watering Thanksgiving side dish that will liven up your festival table. To give your sauce a punch of taste, make sure to simmer it with apples and dried figs, and spice it up with jalapeno and cinnamon.

Thanksgiving table with roasted turkey

Making cranberry chutney is both fast and easy because once the sugar dissolves, you need to add fresh cranberries, more fruits, spices, and jalapeno pepper. A single jalapeno pepper adds a subtle warmth to your cranberry sauce. Be sure to stir your cranberries when cooking the sauce to prevent it from burning below.

  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are simple to prepare because it only takes a little effort to mess it up. Creamy mashed potatoes are one of the best side dishes to accompany your main course meal during thanksgiving dinner. The secret of the best garlic mashed potatoes starts with the best homemade potato recipe. You want them to be fluffy, perfectly seasoned, and ultra-creamy. Roasted garlic changes the taste of your mashed potatoes from sharp and spicy to pure caramelized sweetness.

  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Squash

Roasted Brussels sprouts and squash is one of the side dishes that you would happily much all day long if given a chance. It is perfect for guests with dietary needs and makes a bold statement when delivered to your thanksgiving table. Roasting and caramelizing your Brussels sprouts and butternut squash turns them into crispy, flavor-packed bites of veggie heaven. Halved Brussels sprouts is tossed together with similar size chunks of butternut squash. Adding sweet dried cranberries and a little hint of spiciness takes the flavor up a notch.

  • Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Labneh

Although you might enjoy your regular oven-toasted sweet potatoes, nothing beats the taste of honey-roasted sweet potatoes paired with labneh. Labneh is a soft cheese made from strained yogurt. It tastes amazing when paired with ginger and finished with a generous drizzle of flaky sea salt and good olive oil. You can make your homemade labneh using plain whole-milk Greek yogurt, salt, and lemon. Make sure to strain your yogurt for up to 24 hours to make it thicker.

  • Broccoli Cheese Casserole

This super cozy side dish can accompany chicken or turkey to your thanksgiving dinner table. Broccoli and cheese are an exotic and special combo that is warm and inviting. Broccoli cheese casserole is one of the side dishes in this list that can press a primitive comfort button in the minds of your guests. Some of the major ingredients include barely steamed broccoli, a good dose of good cheese, a homemade white sauce, and a couple of eggs that help bind them together.

  • Classic Sausage Stuffing

Stuffing is arguably the most classic and beloved side dish for a thanksgiving festival. This recipe takes a different approach involving a pan of homemade sausage stuffing. It is all about bringing out the classic, pure, herby, and bready goodness to your thanksgiving table. Some of the things you will need to create a classic sausage stuffing include ground Italian sausage, butter, yellow onions, chicken broth, celery, eggs, French bread, and fresh sage, rosemary, and parsley.

  • Cornbread Dressing

The major difference between cornbread dressing and stuffing is how they are cooked. Stuffing is made up of a mixture that is used to stuff another food such as poultry before cooking. Co Dressing is cooked in a pan and outside of the turkey cavity. Cornbread dressing is made from crumbled cornbread and cornmeal mush. The best way to serve cornbread dressing is to drizzle it with gravy. It can make its way to your thanksgiving dinner accompanied with pork loin, turkey breast, meatloaf, or baked chicken breasts.

Side dishes in a Thanksgiving menu are just as important as turkey and other main dishes you choose for this festival. With brilliant ideas ranging from inventive stuffing to classics like roasted garlic mashed potatoes, you will be sure to find a dish that your guests will love during Thanksgiving. Just remember that some dishes may take a longer time to prepare than others so it is important to plan well and start early.