How to Host the Best Baby Shower

A baby shower is an important celebration for a mom-to-be as it makes them feel less overwhelmed in the remaining months or days before their delivery. Family, friends, and relatives often bring gifts to the child and share advice on parenting so that you can have everything you will need once the baby arrives. The host needs to have an idea of how to make a baby shower lively and exciting, as it is a celebration of a new life yet to be brought to the world. This article looks at some steps to follow if you want to host the best baby shower for any mom-to-be.

  • Set the Date

A baby shower usually takes place during the last two months before delivery. It is important to set the date you intend to celebrate your baby shower so that you can work towards it.

Group of women at a baby shower enjoying food and drink.
Some couples like to hold it out after the pregnancy so that their newborn can be the guest of honor. Whatever the choice, the couple needs to decide whether they want the baby shower to be held before or after the delivery. This period gives the new couple time to organize gifts and decide what they may need before the baby arrives.

  • Pick a Host

Anyone from a family member, friend, or coworker can host an event so it is crucial to pick a host ahead of time. According to traditions, the mother or her sister should not be the one to host the baby shower for it not to look like they are soliciting gifts. Baby showers used to be primarily for female friends and family members but times have changed since the father-to-be and his friends can also join in the celebration. The host needs to be involved in all matters regarding the baby shower.

  • Send Out Invitations

A baby shower is not complete without the guests so get the word out to family members and friends of an upcoming baby shower. While a simple phone call can be a quick way to invite people, it is also important to send out written invitations as they help people remember the details of the event. It is easy for someone to forget the event date after a phone call, maybe because they never marked it on their calendar or they were too busy to listen to everything you had to say at the time.

  • Have a Theme

Now that you have everything in momentum, you need to come up with a theme for the baby shower. The theme preferences may vary depending on whether the couple is expecting a boy or a girl. A simple color scheme can make decorating a breeze as it makes a significant impact in the end. Paper goods, banners, signage, balloons, and tablecloths should be coordinated with the theme. Instead of sticking with blue for a boy and pink for a girl, consider a seasonal color like white for winter, or sunny yellow for spring. You can also ask the mom to choose her favorite colors.

  • A Simple But Delicious Menu

Incorporate simple but delicious food options in your menu to set the right tone for your baby shower. People always have something to say about the food they ate during an event so you would want them to talk great about what they had during your event. Select a menu of food items that are easy to prepare to keep last-minute work at a minimum. Green salads, vegetable tarts, and homemade pizzas are some of the foods that can be eaten at room temperature. It is also important to have special foods specifically for the mom-to-be as they tend to be picky about what they like.

  • Gifts and Activities

Although gift opening is one of the most anticipated sessions in a baby shower, it is also important to incorporate other activities that enliven the gathering. You can have guests write favorite names for a boy or girl on slips of paper and have them dropped in jars for the couple’s consideration. Alternatively, you can think of other engaging games or simply provide entertainment to make the event more fun.

You have a lot to take care of as a host to a baby shower. Try to make things easier on your part by planning everything ahead of time and assigning different tasks to selected individuals. The last thing you would want to do on the day of the event is to become a short-order cook just because there is no one to handle the job. Most importantly, consult with the mom-to-be to find out her interests and what they would want their baby shower to look like.