The items listed in this menu are sold “ALA carte” to create your own buffet or supplement your own items. Please keep in mind that “ALA carte” means each tray is sold separately. Items such as paper products, chafing dishes, bread and serving utensils must be ordered separately. Entrees are available for hot or cold pick up only. We do not deliver “ALA carte” menu items.

Hot Appetizers By The Tray

Code Menu Item Half Tray Full Tray
HA1 Chicken Tenders: Marsala, Francasie, Florentine, Sweet & Sour, Buffalo $45 $85
HA3 Mini Eggplant Rollatini $45 $75
HA4 Prince Edward Island Mussels: Marinara, Fradiablo, white wine & garlic $40 $75
HA6 Swedish Meatballs $45 (100) $75 (200)
HA7 Sweet & Sour Shrimp $55 $100
HA8 Wings: Buffalo, Teriyaki, Dry Rub w/ Celery & Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing $50 (50) $95 (100)