5 Services You Didn’t Know Your Caterer Could Provide

When you think of services offered by a professional caterer, what comes to mind? Menu planning, yes. Food preparation, of course. Excellent service on the day of the event, definitely. Professional catering is one of those things that most of us seldom need – but when we do need it, we hope our expectations will not only be met but surpassed. This is particularly true if it’s a special occasion, like a wedding reception or graduation party.

On top of that, many catering companies offer services you might not have realized. If you’re planning a catered event in the near future, you might find it useful to know whether or not your catering company offers extra services, such as the following:

1. Dishwashers

Depending on the nature and logistics of your event, dishwashing services may be required to keep the event running smoothly. If your caterer can offer this service at a highly professional level, it can often save you money. If not, you may need to hire a different company to provide dishwashers, which can drive up your costs.

2. Bartenders

Many special occasions call for bartending services, whether it’s a cash bar or a crowd-pleasing “open” bar. Catering companies who can provide bartending services, in addition to maintaining a strong reputation where it counts most (meal service), tend to be experienced and adept at realizing the full potential of your special event.

3. Waiters

Buffet service is popular with many customers. It saves money, and it’s more appropriate for many events. But there are also occasions where waitstaff may be a better bet ­– and for these events, it’s important to find a caterer who lives up to the highest expectations. If the waitstaff aren’t working at a super professional level, it can impact your event in a very negative way. When it’s done right, however, waitstaff can truly elevate any formal occasion.

4. Delivery

Sometimes there are events where you don’t actually want or need catering staff on site. In these cases, having your food and drink delivered can be a very economical and sensible option. Most caterers include delivery with all of their buffet menus, but you’ll want to make sure the fee structures are clear when you seek delivery services from a catering company.

5. Entertainment

If you’re organizing a children’s party, or another event where entertainment is needed, you might assume that you’ll need to hire a different contractor for those services. Many catering companies partner with entertainment providers, however, and can provide you with good, affordable, professional options. Examples include magicians, clowns, and disc jockeys.

Finding a caterer with a full range of services

Not every caterer offers the services listed here, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re inferior in any way. Some catering companies do certain things particularly well, and choose to “stick” to those things rather than offering other services. But the fact is, catered events in the 21st century often require more flexibility and versatility. If you’re looking for a caterer who provides any of the extras listed here, just be sure you settle on one that has a fantastic reputation in the community, backed up by consistently high review scores from past clients.